• DUO 2FA with Blackboard Apps?

    We are using SAML for SSO in Blackboard SaaS CD. (we use F5) We are currently using DUO for off-campus two factor authentication of our email (faculty and staff only). We are an O365 school and we know that the Outl...
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  • Cipher List for bb-config.properties

    Hey there team/fellow BB administrators,   I'm fairly new to the realm of BB support and am just learning the ropes, but I have been tasked with finding a more secure cipher list for our test environment before ...
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  • Linking Inline to Content Collection Causes Line Break

    Article No.: 000047533 Issue Description: If a link to a Content Collection file is created on text in a VTBE, it causes a line break.   Is this issue driving you nuts?   Here's a workaround: 1. Put y...
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  • No Video on OS Catalina MAC

    Is there anyone with a solution to the video camera not loading on the new OS Catalina on a MAC computer?
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  • Questions

    Watching some of the webinars and had some questions -   We cannot forward announcements to students email correct? Is this coming soon? If so, can I recommend that you allow us to set up announcements to a) rel...
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  • Show us your course template!

    Similar to Chris Boon's ‘Show us your Blackboard’ post, I was hoping some of you might be kind enough to share some screenshots of your course templates. We’ve been inspired by speakers we’ve s...
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  • GDPR and the retention center - what are your thoughts?

    At NTNU, we are in the middle of a discussion about the Retention Center (RC) and are trying to find out whether or not this functionality is legal or not post-GDPR. I would love to hear how the rest of you ...
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  • Winter 2019 Meeting - Call for a host

    Hi All   So it's that time of year again, we are in the brace position and ready for things to kick off. We also need to start looking ahead to our winter meeting in December.   The host duties are light, ...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings

    HI:   Has anyone heard of or experienced BCU recordings disappearing? We looked on the recordings page. One of our faculty member cannot locate his old recordings. However, he admits he may have done something w...
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  • Create a pop up message that shows at log in

    Hi,   We have a very important message that we need to get out to all of our students asap. Onc good way of doing this would be to enable a pop up message that shows when the student logs into Blackboard.  ...
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  • USB headsets - Can't connect to speaker, but will keep trying.

    Hi, I've been using blackboard collaborate for online courses through a university that I am attending. I've noticed that the software has a hard time connecting to the audio when I am using a USB headset. Specifical...
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  • Questions/Comments about the System Admins Area (GUI)

    Please use this area to share information about the system admin area (GUI) in SaaS. Please indicate if you are using: Ultra Base Navigation - original courses, ultra course or dual course mode 2016 theme 2012 theme
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  • Change menu structure

    I noticed, after the semester has started and courses are already running, that a URL in the menu is broken. Is there a way to update all menus of running courses or would it have to be completed manually in each course?
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  • Standard Blackboard Tutorials

    Can anyone tell me if the tutorial illustrated in the attached screenshot is part of a standard Bb tutorial that Blackboard provides?    
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  • Questions/Comments about Ultra Course View

    In this discussion area, please share items of interest with Ultra Course Views. Please indicate if you are using the web interface or the Blackboard Mobile App or the Instructor App
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  • Archived courses on SaaS

    Am I correct in assuming that archived courses are stored on our SaaS environment indefinitely?
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  • Announcements are sent when the course is closed.

    Blackboard Learn- Announcements are sent even if the  course is closed. Is there an option to choose so the announcement doesn't go out if the course is closed? 
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  • Join the Q3 Product Roadmap Webinars for Blackboard Learn

    We invite you to join our product management leaders as they provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn (including the Original experience/9.1 and the Ultra experience), and our mobile apps. We a...
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  • Show us your... Blackboard accessibility statement

    You will probably have heard of the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies w...
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  • SafeAssign Language Expansion Project

    Over the course of this year the SafeAssign team has made improvements to our processing of submissions for non-English languages. We recently announced that we have improved the functionality for Spanish so much that...
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