• Discussion #1: Introduce Yourself!

    Tell us your name, role, institution, how long you’ve been using Blackboard Learn, your current deployment method (self-hosted, managed hosted, or SaaS), and what you’re looking to get out of this cohort p...
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  • Join the Q3 Product Roadmap Webinars for Blackboard Learn

    We invite you to join our product management leaders as they provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn (including the Original experience/9.1 and the Ultra experience), and our mobile apps. We a...
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  • Questions about the Ultra Experience for Learn?

    Happy Friday!   There have been a lot of questions circulating over the last few months regarding the Ultra experience for Learn and we've had a ton of valuable conversations to help collect feedback on what are...
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  • OneNote use in Blackboard Learn

    Hi! It is my understanding that there is a way to incorporate OneNote notebooks into the Blackboard environment. Has anyone used it, and, if so, what do you think of it and how does it look? Thanks!
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  • Populating Blackboard groups using REST

    I have a few requests for automatically adding users to groups on Blackboard courses. Examples are:   1) Faculties are setting up “hub” courses on Blackboard to share resources with students in a fac...
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  • Comparison of Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra Courses

    I've been working on a document to give us a snapshot of the feature differences between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra courses.   I thought this might be useful to the wider community, so thought i'd ...
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  • Snap feature request:  My Courses "Grading" panel to be filtered by group

    It is common practice at my training providers (and elsewhere) to to divide the students within a unit/course into groups. A teacher is then assigned to each group (ie they are also added as a member of the Moodle gro...
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  • Change menu structure

    I noticed, after the semester has started and courses are already running, that a URL in the menu is broken. Is there a way to update all menus of running courses or would it have to be completed manually in each course?
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  • [RECORDINGS] Q3 2019 Teaching & Learning Roadmap Webinars

    Below, please find the recordings from the Q3 Teaching & Learning Webinar Series. Please note, this quarter we only covered the roadmap for Blackboard Learn.    Option 1 – Thursday, September ...
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  • Grey Background behind videos

    Is there a way to remove the grey background on videos?
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  • Week 2 Questions: Course Building/Tools/Features

    Groups:  What are groups for? Wade said "for assessment" but I'm not sure what that ties in to in Ultra exactly. Are there no group assignments? Filters/views in Grade Center based on groups?    Ann...
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  • Logs?

    Can someone tell me what this page is telling me? See clip.
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  • Yesterday's Recording Questions

    Is there a way to set primary instructor through the integration?   At about 49:37 on the recording - Wade mentions rendering documents in screen with the initative with office 365, etc. Should we be a) using &ld...
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  • Automation

    So we get a fair few updates from Blackboard with some things that are good to know and some things that don't really affect us. We have devised a new way to manage the updates where we basically have an excel sheet i...
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  • Show us your Blackboard!

    At a recent meeting of the UK Further Education User Group we ran a session called "Show us your Blackboard" whereby we shared our Learn user interface.  From past events, we felt it's always interesting to see w...
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  • Course ID structure for Banner SIS users

    Our SIS is Banner (Ellucian), and our current course ID structure doesn’t include a standardized format for campus, course delivery mode, or information for the type of students in the course (CPD, dual-credit, ...
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  • What is Akari?

    A bit of Kremlinology - I noticed this option in filling out a recent Behind the Blackboard case What is Akari?!  
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  • Overdue Notifications from Turnitin assignments

    Since we moved to SaaS a couple of months ago we have noticed a steady increase of students saying they have received overdue notifications from their Blackboard daily digest emails when its not relevant to them. ...
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  • Attendance and participation workaround in Ultra?

    I'm teaching a seminar section of a course this Fall and plan on using Ultra. Participation is a huge component of the course. I was hoping to use the attendance feature in Ultra - but I don't seem to have a good work...
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  • Question over Ninject, ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework

      Hi all, I am wondering what is the best way to setup Ninject, ASP.NET Identity and Entity Framework? Normally (without Ninject) I would create my solution by separating the MVC project from Data project and thi...
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