• Evaluate adoption of your LMS with course design groups

    We're happy to announce a new feature in BbStats: Latent Class Analysis with Annual adoption report. Some time ago we reported about a new study at the University of Illinois at Chicago about Patterns in Faculty Lear...
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  • Unable to launch link. The Tool Provider has been disabled by the System Administrator

    "Unable to launch link. The Tool Provider has been disabled by the System Administrator," even after enabling LTI and the specific tool in system-level Tools and the LTI global settings are correct. The issue is that ...
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  • Guest Access - link generation tool for Ultra Navigation

    How important is guest access to your school?   After our Saas migration a strange thing has appeared.  Our system no longer allows guest access.  It appears, with Ultra navigation, this is by design t...
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  • Reducing storage size of Blackboard courses

    What is the largest course you have seen on your system? - please let us now in the comments!   Storage always grows, but here are just a few reasons for instructors and administrators to manage it: Smaller cou...
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  • NOTICE! No More HttpClient 3.x In Learn 3700.5.0 and Later

    I'm writing this to inform B2 developers that Blackboard has removed the Apache Commons HttpClient 3.x library from /usr/local/blackboard/systemlib in Blackboard Learn 3700.5.0. We are using HttpClient 4.x in Learn ve...
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  • Quiz: How BbWorld Are You?

    Think you know everything about BbWorld history? Test your knowledge here and share your score on social media!   
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  • BbWorld 2019 UX Lab

    Will you attend BbWorld 2019 in Austin? Don’t forget to stop by the UX Lab to help define what’s next for Blackboard. You’ll find us in the Community LIVE ...
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  • Celebrating Your Achievements

    I am excited to announce the 2019 Blackboard Catalyst Award Winners. Each year, we take a moment to recognize and celebrate the innovative achievements of our clients. We do this through the Blackboard Catalyst A...
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  • Start Testing Your B2 with Amazon Corretto 11

    As many of you know, Java 8 is a thing of the past. Blackboard has been working to release Blackboard Learn with Amazon's Corretto 11 OpenJDK distribution. To help you prepare your Building Block integrations for this...
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  • Mobile Learning Trends for 2019

    As the Mobile Learning solution becomes a “must have” from a “good to have” solution, the focus shifts to what measures you should adopt to maximize its impact. Look no further—our Infog...
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  • The Wonderful Wizards of Blackboard World

    After a break during the US Independence Day week, we are back. This month we focus on the upcoming Blackboard World event in Austin, Texas. This episode welcomes Marissa Carrillo and Vivek Ramgopal who help plan the ...
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  • July 9, 2019 Meeting Notes

    Via Collaborate Steve Bailey from Blackboard introduced Bb Data Please note LRNSI 28865 Admins should take action immediately
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  • LTI 1.3 Deep Linking, Names and Roles, and Custom Parameters

    This blog post contains links to a complete demonstration of setting up and using https://github.com/blackboard/BBDN-LTI-Tool-Provider-Node. Shout out to Scott Hurrey & Eric Preston and his team (everyone you...
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  • LTI Tool Generation for Ultra Navigation

    Ultra Navigation is a wonderful feature, which is a modern gateway to online learning with Blackboard.  Would you like to add more resources in the Tools area or grant to those resources access to students or fac...
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  • Working with the Atto Editor in Open LMS

    I've been playing around with the TinyMCE editor and the Atto Editor for a while and thought it might be useful to share some of my thoughts and findings.  A little background You may or may not have been using O...
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  • Inline Grading and New Box View Update: June 2019

    As I mentioned in my May blog post, we will be replacing the New Box View experience for Inline Assignment grading for both the Original and Ultra experiences.  If you haven't read my previous post...
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  • Notes from the Scandinavian User Group in Newcastle 2019

    About Ultra A group assignment to discuss various aspects of Ultra adoption. Which methods and criteria can help you determine if Ultra is ready for your institution?Group 1Hard to define criteria. Need to check the n...
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  • How To Enhance The Impact Of Your Mobile Learning Strategy In 2019

    With the maturing of mobile learning, the focus shifts on how to maximize its potential. In this article, I showcase approaches that will help you enhance the impact of your mobile learning strategy in 2019.   Mo...
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  • July 2, 2019 Meeting Notes

    Via Collaborate Session includes research from Original Course View online test question types to Ultra Course View using Respondus
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  • Exemplary Course Program

    As a part of a recent survey, one of our BUG members asked about the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program and how to become a course reviewer.  On the right hand side of the ECP homepage, there is information prov...
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