• Inline Grading and New Box View Update: March 2019

    Update March 22: In case you weren't able to attend the 9.1 Office Hours meeting, Box is tentatively planning to release an update on March 29th.  We will be testing this release before it is made live to confirm...
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  • Internet Exploder, indeed. (Learn 9.1, SaaS)

    About: Internet Explorer and Blackboard Learn don't play nice together. This article explains how to create a warning that will appear only for users who attempt to log in to your Blackboard environment using Internet...
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  • The Many Many Options For LTI Placements

    Had a case come in with several questions about the LTI Placement Options. There's certainly many options so I've written this Blog Post in Q& A format for future reference. The definitive documentation is on http...
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  • Getting Started - For Beginners

    I'm writing this as we've had a few questions from developers come in who have never written a Web Application in their life. I hope this helps.   First, get up to speed on developing web applications. A Google ...
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  • How to Drive Employee Performance with Microlearning

    To achieve high employee engagement and performance gain, the training must be precise, easy to assimilate, and apply on the job. Microlearning-based trainings fit in as a highly effective approach to engage learners ...
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  • Gamification: Course Leaderboard ver 2

    Why use a course gamification leaderboard? It encourages faculty to keep grades current. Students realize someone is paying attention to their progress and has a bigger picture perspective. Following the adage, "you...
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  • It's Not Too Late!

    The Exemplary Course Cohort kicked off yesterday. . . and it’s not too late to join and take advantage of this 5-week series. If you missed the first session, you can register to receive the recording. Each week...
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  • The New Pyramid is now available!

    I have some great news to share, and it's something that I'm aware most of you have been waiting for. Blackboard has certified the new Pyramid Analytics business intelligence software, and we're ready to begin deploym...
    Steve Bailey
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  • UQ Update March 2019

    Preparing for Bb Upgrade July 2019. Took a while to get the dates. We are still on prem while we wait for outcome of VLE review but hope to go cloud. Big push on Grades Security – trying to get people to use ...
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  • New Box View Critical Issues Update - ROLLBACK COMPLETE

    FEB 22 UPDATE: Please refer to this new post for the most recent update regarding a rollback to an early release of New Box View   Original Post Below From Feb 21 ---------------   Your concerns and frustr...
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  • CDU update March 2019

    Charles Darwin University March 2019 Update Hosting – Learn SaaS Flexible Deployment Option (FDO) Environments - Production, Staging and Test Current Release – Bb Learn Release 3500.0.4-rel.19+9180e36 ...
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  • Space Matters

    If you're having problems getting Let's Encrypt to work with your AMI, space matters.   Only this works - notice the space on either side of the : ssldomain : <FQDN> sslemail : <email address>  ...
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  • March 20, 2019 - Meeting Notes Asia Pacific SaaS User Group

    Collaborate link to the recording: Bb Collaborate   Items discussed: - Kibana removed in 3600.0, instead log files wil be uploaded hourly to the content system: The Death of Kibana - how are you replacing it? ...
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  • SCU Update - March 2019

    Southern Cross University - Update March 2019 SaaS Continuous Delivery (CD) as of 15 June 2018 Current Version Release 3500.11.0-rel.10+071f567 License and Use:  Community, Content Management System, Bb App (M...
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  • March 19, 2019 Meeting Notes

    Via Collaborate   Session information included: Updates on Releases Updates on Kibana Information about the Facilitator role in 3600.0.0 Documentation on the new privileges located on help.blackboard.com htt...
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  • An Apology for the March 19th Collaborate Roadmap Webinar

    Hi all -   We wanted to extend our deepest apologies for the technical difficulties you encountered when trying to access today's Collaborate Roadmap Webinar. Please note, we are actively looking into this issue ...
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  • Q1 2019 Blackboard Products Roadmap Webinars

    We invite you to join our product management leaders as they provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn (including the Original experience / 9.1 and the Ultra experience) and Blackboard Collabora...
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  • Bb Open Content Features Survey

    As a reminder, effective June 30, 2019, Blackboard will transition Blackboard Open Content to maintenance support mode. Effective December 31, 2019 Blackboard will end the availability of Blackboard Open Content for a...
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  • Slack Discussions in Blackboard Learn

    Digital communication in a course, and in a professional team, can be tricky. Email can quickly overwhelm a group with repeated message, irrelevant reply-all, and a significant overhead in busy-work. Native Blackboard...
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  • Bb Blackbelt Professional Development Series (Nancy Collison; WCC)

    Date: March 13, 2019 Topic: Bb Blackbelt - How Organizing a Fun and Creative Ranking and Completion Framework in a Professional Development Series Help Increase Buy-in at Our College Presenters: Nancy Collison (Wash...
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