• It's back: 21 Days of Blackboard Data

    In August we offered an online event called 21 Days of Blackboard Data, in which members of the Blackboard community with SQL expertise could learn how to use the Developer Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack to an...
    Steve Bailey
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  • New Amazon Alexa Skill coming soon for Blackboard Learn users

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new Alexa Skill for Blackboard Learn later this month. This integration will be the first Alexa Skill officially released by Blackboard.    What is the ...
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  • November 2019: Inline Grading and Re:Mark Update

    If you haven’t heard, the New Box View replacement for Inline Assignment Grading has a new name- Re:Mark.  The roll-out for Re:Mark will begin in mid-March 2020 with a Technical Preview program.  We ar...
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  • Recommended JVM settings

    Below you will find the Blackboard recommended JVM settings with 8gb and 16gb of heap.   Heap Size Settings 8 gb ## java virtual machine config - java bound processes ## bbconfig.min.heapsize.tomcat=8192m bbconfi...
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  • Grateful for this community

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!   I've found so much help in our community, and see how people are so enthusiastic to help others.  I appreciate you!
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  • How to format SaaS logs to Learn standard format

    With so many clients going into SaaS, the procedure for getting logs is getting more difficult, as they are on a different format. Currently, in order to get logs from a specific date and time, you need to do the foll...
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  • Updating the Ultra Grade Schema In Multiple Courses

    Currently Ultra only supports one grading schema.  New courses are created using the default Grading Schema so changes can be made for future course easily.  For courses already created you can update them c...
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  • November 26, 2019 - Meeting Notes

    Via Collaborate Wade Weichel joined to give updates on Java 11 and Avatar uploads.
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  • Google Assignments - Course Kit & Classroom in Blackboard Learn

    Have you heard about Google Course Kit?  How about Google Classroom?  Yes! Google has been working hard to help teachers and students to use technology well.  Now it the time you can adopt Google techno...
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  • November 21, 2019 - Meeting Notes Asia Pacific SaaS User Group

    This occurrence went ahead as a combined SaaS and ABUG user groups meeting.  Most participants saw the value of merging the two groups permanently, and of avoiding duplicate calls, as such these changes will affe...
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  • Inline Assignment Grading Update: August 2019

    Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far in next year's Technical Preview.  I've have captured everyone's name who have emailed me directly, through Support or posted a note in the June update...
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  • Creating an Articulate Storyline Presentation or Quizmaker Quiz Scorm Package to be added Blackboard Learn

    Creating an Articulate Storyline Presentation or Quizmaker Quiz Scorm Package to be added Blackboard Learn.   Part 01: Setting the options in Articulate and Publishing the SCORM Package.  01: Open the Arti...
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  • SaaS Office Hour Recordings

    Recording's Date URL 05 June 2019 https://us.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/playback/load/6b022ffd9a19419198c6ce6036777dd0 19 June 2019 https://us.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/playback/load/c8ff864f41d94fbdb6...
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  • November 19, 2019 - Meeting Notes

    Via Collaborate Information on Alexa Skills shared Wade Weichel shared updates on developments for the content editor
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  • Who is Your Favorite Blackboarder?

    Clients often tell me how an employee has gone above and beyond expectations to help them. We strive to recognize our employees who excel in their work.  This year, we have created a new award to recognize a Bla...
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  • Whitelist kaltura or other sites in safeHTML Filter

    In order for students to have the ability to add content via an iframe the site needs to be whitelisted in the safeHTML filter.       System Admin > Safe HTML Filters > Safe HTML Filter for Conte...
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  • Mastering the Master Course Model (Chris Filkins; Collegis Education)

    Date: November 13, 2019 Topic: Mastering the Master Course Model Description: With a focus on improving outcomes through ensuring a high-quality course design, master courses are one way to ensure courses are d...
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  • Update: Upcoming Impact to SCORM with Google Chrome Version 80

    November 12th UPDATE:  The Rustici SCORM patch will be included in SaaS version 3700.16, Q2 2019 Cumulative Update 5 (3700.0.5), 9.1 Q4 2018 Cumulative Update 9 (3500.0.9) and 9.1 Q2 2018 Cumulative Update 1...
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  • LTI Deep Linking/Content Item Message

    If you're attempting to build an LTI tool provider that supports Deep Linking aka Content Item Messaging and you see the following symptom described in Behind the Blackboard!   "LTI TP posts back to /webapps/bla...
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  • Working with the Atto Editor in Open LMS

    I've been playing around with the TinyMCE editor and the Atto Editor for a while and thought it might be useful to share some of my thoughts and findings.  A little background You may or may not have been using O...
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