• The new Blackboard Partner Catalog is here

    We are happy to announce the availability of our new and improved Blackboard Partner Catalog! We transitioned the Extensions Catalog to now exist solely on our Blackboard Community site.    Why did we create...
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  • Upgrade Your DVM

    Scott Hurrey mentioned this the other day during our Technical Office hours... You can upgrade a 3000.x DVM using the same installer package that you use for a self-hosted system. This blog post will show you how easy...
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  • Keynote: Bb Data

    12:00-1:00 pm Speaker: Steve Bailey Summary: Steve Bailey introduces Blackboard Data, Blackboard’s new data and analytics platform, how it works and how to get access to the Blackboard Reporting Stack, the ...
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  • What's up with Glossary?

    The Glossary activity is there in your add activity list. You've probably looked at it and wondered what to do with it, or how to use it well, or if you are like me even where to start. Well this blog post is for you ...
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  • Exemplary Course Program

    2:00-3:00 pm Presenter: Patsy Hays (Blackboard) Summary: The Exemplary Course Program began in 2000 with the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices for designing high quality courses. The core of ...
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  • Paging: A way forward.

    Paging is a bit tricky with the Blackboard API, and has caused a few bugs in some of our code.  I'd like to take some time to explain why it's tricky, and to provide a way to avoid the same things I ran into....
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  • Grades Journey Authorisation (C# code example)

    At the University of South Wales we are currently implementing Grades Journey, for anyone going through the same process you will be concentrating on two key areas of work, provisioning and extraction.   The fir...
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  • SaaS Office Hour Recordings

    Recording's Date URL 05 June 2019 https://us.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/playback/load/6b022ffd9a19419198c6ce6036777dd0 19 June 2019 https://us.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/playback/load/c8ff864f41d94fbdb6d508ed6...
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  • Accelerating our Business through Change

    At Blackboard, we’ve been on a journey over the past few years to realign our business to be the best partner we can be for the education community.  As a company, we’ve learned how to take advantage ...
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  • Fixing that pesky Learn Ultra login page logo issue

    I take no credit for the content of this blog post. The work involved here is all Santiago Vanegas and going forward I'm going to get him to write his own blog posts with these nuggets in.   One of the things w...
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  • Google Assignments - Course Kit & Classroom in Blackboard Learn

    Have you heard about Google Course Kit?  How about Google Classroom?  Yes! Google has been working hard to help teachers and students to use technology well.  Now it the time you can adopt Google techno...
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  • Getting ready for TLC ANZ 2019

    By Yves Dehouck | Aug 13, 2019 In a few days we will host our annual Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC), which will take place in Sydney on August 20-22. Educators, administrators and industry leade...
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  • August 13, 2019 Meeting Notes

    Via  Bb Collaborate  Paula Kaplan shared her presentation on the  "A11y" (Not misspelling, A (one one) y 11 Quick Tips to Improve Course Content Accessibility We will create a file and add her ...
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  • Inline Grading and New Box View Update: June 2019

    As I mentioned in my May blog post, we will be replacing the New Box View experience for Inline Assignment grading for both the Original and Ultra experiences.  If you haven't read my previous post...
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  • APAC SaaS user group special edition - live @ Sydney TLC

    As discussed during the last couple of meetings, we have organized a special session for the second occurrence of the August meetings:  as most of us will be at the T&L Conference in Sydney, what better occas...
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  • Improving Student Communication

    1 pm - 1:50 pm Presenters: Zach Magnum (Pronto) & Ottawa University  Summary: Attendees will hear about the benefits of real-time communication and connecting directly with students. Attendees ...
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  • New York City?! Get an Accessibility rope! Build a consistent & accessible syllabus for Blackboard courses using SALSA & you won't even need a rope

    3-3:50 pm Presenters: Eddie Andreo & Shelby Huddleston (Cowley County Community College)   Summary: Cowley College partnered with Ally in 2018 to improve accessibility at our institution. We noticed th...
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  • Hot Topics – Blackboard World 2019 Recap

    Greetings everyone for another round table with our Blackboard experts. This week we review Blackboard World 2019 in Austin, Texas. The discussion covers various topics and conversations from the conference. Need a re...
    Terry Patterson
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  • LTI Tool Generation for Ultra Navigation

    Ultra Navigation is a wonderful feature, which is a modern gateway to online learning with Blackboard.  Would you like to add more resources in the Tools area or grant to those resources access to students or fac...
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  • REST - 20 minute complete setup

    Good afternoon,    If you are interested in REST, but don't know how to get started this is for you. I've created a shareable notebook with all steps needed to go from NO REST experience / integration to ma...
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