• Logs?

    Can someone tell me what this page is telling me? See clip.
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  • LTI Course content tool placement can’t have both deep linking and grading checked

    We are trying to make an LTI Tool Provider for embedding content via ContentItemSelection that should support grading as well. Since version 3400.1.0 it seems that this should be possible if you use placement type Cou...
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  • Discussion #1: Introduce Yourself!

    Tell us your name, role, institution, how long you’ve been using Blackboard Learn, your current deployment method (self-hosted, managed hosted, or SaaS), and what you’re looking to get out of this cohort p...
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  • My Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience)

    My Messages creates a My Messages module at the course and organization level. It lists all courses with messages in the inbox and presents a direct link to the inbox within the appropriate course. Screen Shot of My...
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  • What is the threshold for determining that an upcoming due date is "Soon" for the notification system?

    Faculty have noticed items with due dates over two months away being flagged as being due soon in the daily digest emails. This is obviously not "soon", so I was curious about how the notification system defines ...
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  • postCloneCourseEventListener not working anymore

    A few years back, I wrote a custom building block to help us clean up enrollments out of our master/template courses, after they'd been cloned.  In our self hosted environment, running v3500.0.4, the tool is work...
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  • Upload Progress Indicator

    Under review
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    We had this semester several complaints from students that attempted to upload files on assignments, their main complaint was that the upload screen was frozen, when in reality it was working, but as their files were ...
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  • Hierarchies

    Has anyone had much luck in adding a module to a node within Hierarchies?   In one scenario, I have managed to set up a node where only 4 courses get access to a certain tool, it took a bit of digging and testin...
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  • Institution Page on Mobile App

    Under review
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    When students view Blackboard through the Mobile App they cannot see the Institution Page but they can view it when using the Desktop/Mobile Browser therefore students using the app are missing out on import...
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  • Dropdown menu on blank page

    Is it possible to add a dropdown menu to a "blank" page in Blackboard? If so, could someone provide the html code?
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  • Sept./Oct. 2019 Session 2 Recording and Slides

    Session 2 Agenda:  Cohort Objectives Overview of the Ultra Course View Course Components, Design, Content Creation, and Course Conversion Next Steps Recording:  Bb Collaborate  Slides attached 
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  • Allow HTML Code insertion in Ultra Course Content Editor

    Reviewed by Product Management
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    Hi Bb and other customer,   This is requested on behalf of existing Bb Learn customer.   In Bb Learn Original course, its Content Editor is so powerful to make the content item look nice. Especially it con...
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  • Add a progress bar for Learn submissions

    Under review
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    User recently mentioned that they were uploading a 700mb zip file as a submission, they left their PC for half an hour but weren't sure if it was still working or had crashed.   They have suggested that a progr...
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  • Add Progress Bar for Assignment Submissions

    Under review
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    Hi, When students have been requested by academics to upload files as assessment submissions, it would be most helpful to have a Progress Bar indicating to users, the state/progress of the upload (Learn + Mobile Lear...
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  • Submission Progress Bar

    Reviewed by Product Management
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    I feel that the majority of Blackboard users would significantly benefit from a progress bar when uploading files for submission, as I've noticed how stressful it can be to ensure you will meet a deadline when uploadi...
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  • Custom Language packs

    Hello all   Has anyone gone through the arduous task of changing the wording from My Marks to My Grades at all?  This was an update pushed out by BB to facilitate users who preferred the term My Marks and t...
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  • Show us your Blackboard!

    At a recent meeting of the UK Further Education User Group we ran a session called "Show us your Blackboard" whereby we shared our Learn user interface.  From past events, we felt it's always interesting to see w...
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  • Developer Groups, Site Quotas, and Rate Limits

    In This Document Overview Developer Groups Production Groups Site Quotas Rate Limits Increasing Site Quota and Rate Limits   Overview With the Blackboard Developer Portal, you can man...
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  • REST API won't let me download student submission

    On the preview-learn site, I was testing the REST API call w/ my classic course _10829_1 GET /learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/gradebook/attempts/{attemptId}/files/{attemptFileId}/download    Log int...
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  • Persistent orientation spaces as Blackboard course rooms?

    Hello!   We have orientation course rooms on Blackboard that contain program specific information but that do not exist in our SIS (Banner). We have been handling user enrollment for those orientation cours...
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