• rubric

    I am currently designing a rubric. I used the Percentage Range Option. I have included all the details. But I cannot go submit the final design because i am blocked by "A valid numeric value must be entered: Percent"....
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  • OneNote use in Blackboard Learn

    Hi! It is my understanding that there is a way to incorporate OneNote notebooks into the Blackboard environment. Has anyone used it, and, if so, what do you think of it and how does it look? Thanks!
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  • Comparison of Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra Courses

    I've been working on a document to give us a snapshot of the feature differences between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra courses.   I thought this might be useful to the wider community, so thought i'd ...
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  • Show us your Blackboard!

    At a recent meeting of the UK Further Education User Group we ran a session called "Show us your Blackboard" whereby we shared our Learn user interface.  From past events, we felt it's always interesting to see w...
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  • Dentistry New Patient Box Question Type

    Greetings! I work at a dentistry school. The future board exam will include a patient box type question, which is case based.  If you are not familiar, the question includes patient information, chief complaint ...
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  • Dropdown menu on blank page

    Is it possible to add a dropdown menu to a "blank" page in Blackboard? If so, could someone provide the html code?
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  • Overdue Notifications from Turnitin assignments

    Since we moved to SaaS a couple of months ago we have noticed a steady increase of students saying they have received overdue notifications from their Blackboard daily digest emails when its not relevant to them. ...
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  • gradebook display

    How do I get rid of the duplicate display of headings in the Full Results Center gradebook view? It looks like this: Thanks.
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  • Java Support in Blackboard Collaborate Original 

    Oracle has changed their approach to supporting older Java releases. Details of Oracle’s updated policies can be found here:   https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/java-se-support-roadmap.html   W...
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  • The Blackboard Instructor App is Now Available!

    I am thrilled to announce that the Blackboard Instructor app is now available globally in Apple App and Google Play Stores. Blackboard Instructor is our brand new mobile application that gives instructors a simple and...
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  • Academic Integrity Incentives and Programs

    I am interested to hear from other universities' incentives and program around academic integrity. We have Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is a compulsory online module for all students about ethical ...
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  • Does anyone tried CodeGrade app?

    We are looking for LTI integration case studies CodeGrade related. Please let us know any experience or perception about it. It will be really useful. #CodeGrade  lti tool integration app
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  • Retention Center Functionality

    Hello,   We are currently running a pilot to implement the Retention Center. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have searched in many locations but can't seem to find any answers....
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  • Issues with calculated formula questions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to use the calculated formula question type and have run into a problem. In theory, the question should allow students to enter an answer either +/- a % or +/- an absolute value. However, Bla...
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  • FYI, Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform and helping users move their badges to Badgr.

    Just got this email from badges@mozillafoundation.org   We're immensely proud of the work we've done on Open Badges over the years, and Mozilla will continue to be an Open Badges champion. Going forward, we beli...
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  • Is the Publish to Mozilla facility in Achievements reliable?

    Following on from an excellent presentation from Tony McConnell about his use of the Achievements tool for awarding badges to staff for digital literacy ("Digital Olympics"), and students on a range of induction topic...
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  • Achievements Updates?

    Since Mozilla Backpack is moving to Badgr, will the Achievements system be updated and better supported to work with this platform?
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  • Job Opportunity - Instructional Technologist (Non-Virtual)

    Bryant & Stratton College is looking to add another Instructional Technologist to the Design Team. The Design Team is a creative, inventive, and student centered team that is always looking to set the students up ...
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  • Case studies on the design of online professional development courses

    Hello Everyone,   I'm looking for case studies from higher education institutions on their experience offering online professional development courses/full programs. I'm trying to establish best practices for a ...
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  • Ultra Course Cards Delete/Replace Banners?

    *We are still using original course view.  But the Ultra navigation. From what I am seeing if you change your new Course Card image it replaces your banner image, normally changed in Learning Styles.  Once ...
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