• Tunneling with Cascading and Overlapping

    Hello,  I am a parent of a K12 WiVA student and am having difficulty that I cannot seem to get resolved. I am hoping that perhaps someone on this forum has run into this issue before and can offer a suggestion o...
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  • Mathematical Coursework Submission

    Hi,   I'm looking for any examples of how course leaders/Institutions have tackled the online submission and marking/Feedback of handwritten mathematical coursework (pages of equation derivations).   Our E...
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  • Does anyone else have students complaining that when they upload a large file to Bb Assignments there is no progress bar and that some students think Bb has crashed?

    I had the following request from a member of teaching staff: What bother me, and my students, much more is Bb sitting there doing nothing during the 5-10-15 mins it takes some large video files to be uploaded in a Bl...
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  • How do I allow students to create their own student groups?

    I would like students to create their own student groups in a course and be able to invite other students on to the group. Is this facility available in Blackboard? This is available in other VLE's, e.g. Canvas (How d...
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  • Randomize Question Order Across Multiple Random Blocks

    I've got more of a feature-related than technical question regarding Blackboard Learn's Random Block question type.    As we know, Random Block is powerful in that it can randomly pull x number of...
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  • Portfolios - Does anyone use them?

    We are looking into adding e-portfolios into some of our programmes and would love to hear from other institutes that have already done this.   Does anyone use the Blackboard portfolio tool and if so what do you...
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  • PDF protection

    Hello!   I have added a password to a PDF file in order not to allow it to be printed / copy&pasted. When I open it as a file from my computer - using Adobe reader -  the file is locked. When I open upl...
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  • Is there a way to push edits/updates of content from a master/parent course to a child course?

    Is there a way to push edits/updates of content from a master/parent course to a child course?
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  • 24/7 Support Vendors

    We are looking at possibly setting up a 24/7 support for our users and wondered if any other universities had ones they recommend.  This support would extend out from just being Bb, including things like SIS. ...
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  • Does anyone have trouble working in Blackboard with differents Browsers?

    If my students are working on a test, some of their questions disappear or don't lets them see it in full.  Is there any bug that we don't have identify yet? They are using Chrome and  iExplorer.
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  • weighed total possible points

    First question I had was: how does Blackboard arrive to the "possible points" you see when you hover above the weighed total column? I'm unable to find any information about this and faculty frequently asks about this...
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  • Is it possible to configure Bb Learn 9.1 so that new content folder appears on top instead of bottom

    We're mid-year... Teacher adds a new content folder.  It is added to Course Content without a problem.  However it appears at the BOTTOM of the list of folders.  Students have given feedback that they p...
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  • How do I embed a Films On Demand video?

    YouTube videos embed nicely but am having issues with Films On Demand subscribed videos.
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  • Free text feedback in rubrics

    When entering text feedback in the rubric  final comments section, why does the instructor have to enter it in the "save rubric" section and then again in the "final grade comments" section for it to be visible t...
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  • What do you call your drop-in sessions?

    We are considering renaming our Open Lab sessions to make them more appealing or to help faculty understand what the sessions are for. These are scheduled drop-in sessions where our staff are available to answer speci...
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  • Curriculum Mapping and reporting

    I am a new Bb Admin, and have a challenging question from our newly formed College of Health Sciences.   Each of the 4 program directors are at varying point of accreditation status.  They nee...
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  • Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types

    We are exploring the calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types feature of Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019.   Should due dates added when creating Turnitin Assignments and other LTI inte...
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  • Posting text feedback in My Grades - original version BB

    In the original version of BB in My Grades, "comments" link was visible and available if the instructor entered comments in the first box titled "Response Feedback" for a test or discussion or assignment.  The st...
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  • Multiple test attempts

    From one of my instructors: Does anyone have a quick answer to this?  Or a not-so-quick answer?   A student had two submissions allowed on a self-grading multiple choice test. She did marginally better o...
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  • View Only Discussion Forum

    An instructor recently made a request, and I don't think there's a "View Only" setting for discussion forums once they've been graded.  At any rate, here was their request: "Is there a way to make a graded Disc...
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