• uploading assignments

    Okay, this is a bit of a weird query about something weird that is going on.   We've had an uptick in failed assignments being loaded into Blackboard. That is, we've got multiple examples of students trying to s...
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  • Any useful instructions I can offer students about how to copy and paste from Word or Notepad to Blackboard and retain the italics and spacing, etc for reference lists?

    Any useful instructions (links, tips) I can offer students about how to copy and paste from Word or Notepad to Blackboard and retain the italics and spacing, etc for reference lists?
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  • Discontinuing the Academic Materials Feature and Textbook Content Type

    I've just read the article entitled "Discontinuing the Academic Materials Feature and Textbook Content Type" https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb_articleview?id=kAA1O000000KywXWAS  The article says " E...
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  • Blackboard Learn Vector operations in calculated formula questions.

    In Blackboard Learn, is the answer formula editor when creating calculated formula question capable of evaluating matrix and vector operation answers?  The tabs are there, but when used I get input errors after I...
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  • BB and OneDrive

    Some of my faculty use Blackboard Drive which is not being supported after the end of this year.  I have been testing Cyberduck but wondered if a better way is the OneDrive and Blackboard partnering.  Has an...
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  • OEB Berlin - Will Blackboard be there this year ?

    Wondering if Bb will be at this important European event this year ? Hope so...
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  • Disable copy/paste in a test

    Is it possible to disable the possibility to disable the possibility to copy and paste when you are in a test in Learn?
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  • Drop Box Inline Grading Issue

    After I post feedback on the document in a drop box (assignment) and I go back to review it this happens: I click the icon to to open the comment but I cannot close it, I re-click the icon and nothing, I click all ove...
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  • Retention Center Functionality

    Hello,   We are currently running a pilot to implement the Retention Center. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have searched in many locations but can't seem to find any answers....
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  • gradebook display

    How do I get rid of the duplicate display of headings in the Full Results Center gradebook view? It looks like this: Thanks.
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  • Blackboard: Possible to send an email or a feedback after finishing a test?

    Hello everyone, is it possible to set in the Blackboard a function or an option, once the students finish a specific test (I mean a complete test, not a question within a test) to lead them to an extra page automatic...
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  • Printing hard copy of course calendar?

    I just received this from a professor and was wondering if there is a way to print out the course calendar cleanly? We are on BB 9.1 Release 3500.0.4 Managed Hosted.   "client called because he wanted to print m...
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  • Set all external links to open in new window/tab?

    My school is using Blackboard Ultra and all external links are broken. I need to (not forget) to set links to open in a new tab. While I can do this for myself, students are not aware of this.   I have a discuss...
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  • Dentistry New Patient Box Question Type

    Greetings! I work at a dentistry school. The future board exam will include a patient box type question, which is case based.  If you are not familiar, the question includes patient information, chief complaint ...
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  • Dropdown menu on blank page

    Is it possible to add a dropdown menu to a "blank" page in Blackboard? If so, could someone provide the html code?
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  • Does anyone tried CodeGrade app?

    We are looking for LTI integration case studies CodeGrade related. Please let us know any experience or perception about it. It will be really useful. #CodeGrade  lti tool integration app
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  • Issues with calculated formula questions

    Hi everyone, I am trying to use the calculated formula question type and have run into a problem. In theory, the question should allow students to enter an answer either +/- a % or +/- an absolute value. However, Bla...
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  • FYI, Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform and helping users move their badges to Badgr.

    Just got this email from badges@mozillafoundation.org   We're immensely proud of the work we've done on Open Badges over the years, and Mozilla will continue to be an Open Badges champion. Going forward, we beli...
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  • Is the Publish to Mozilla facility in Achievements reliable?

    Following on from an excellent presentation from Tony McConnell about his use of the Achievements tool for awarding badges to staff for digital literacy ("Digital Olympics"), and students on a range of induction topic...
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  • Achievements Updates?

    Since Mozilla Backpack is moving to Badgr, will the Achievements system be updated and better supported to work with this platform?
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