• Limit grading to group

    In a lot of our courses we see an increased use of groups within the course. Courses are getting larger and work is being divided over multiple teachers. A popular request is to modify the list of students that is av...
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  • Batch Remove Users from Organizations

    I’m looking for an easy method where the Leader could remove students that have graduated from an organization. When enrolling students there’s an option to batch enroll using a spreadsheet. Does anyone ...
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  • question about time and date stamp

    I have a student who, according to the time and date stamp on Blackboard, submitted an assignment after the deadline.  The submission also contains an Excel file that shows a date/time created and date/time last ...
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  • 24/7 Support Vendors

    We are looking at possibly setting up a 24/7 support for our users and wondered if any other universities had ones they recommend.  This support would extend out from just being Bb, including things like SIS. ...
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  • Assignment Resubmission

    Hi all!   I'm just setting up a course that has a load of assignment dropboxes, and the tutors have asked for a resubmission dropbox for each assignment, which is going to make the Grade Centre really big and ugl...
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  • Rubric disappears after overriding grade

    Good evening! I have just finished marking some group assignments using the Rubric function in Blackboard. After calculating the mark and writing feedback on the rubric, I adjusted individual marks (based on peer and ...
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  • What's Your Preference - Webinar or F2F Training?

    Whether you are more responsible for classroom technology or fully online support, do you, personally, prefer to "attend" trainings online or in person? For me, I actually enjoy the face-to-face time for the sense of ...
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  • Link to an item in content collection when in an Ultra Document.

    I'm working on an Ultra course - I can't seem to see the option to add in an image from a content collection when I'm using a "New Document". It'll let me upload an image, link to an online image (so,  I can loca...
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  • Upload an Either/Or type of question

    Is it possible to upload an Either/Or type of question using a standard tab-delimited format file?   I checked out the standard support documents and they provide the codes for many of the types of questions (mu...
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  • Embedding an MS Form, properly

    Hi there, I am embedding an MS Form in blackboard. The issue is that the actual form is not displayed, instead the following message is displayed, "Fill out the form" with a link to the form. This link then opens the ...
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  • New Box View and digital annotation of student assignments

    There are several threads on the forum where the ongoing issues with the appalling piece of software which is New Box View have been raised.  My team have been waiting patiently for the long-promised improvements...
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  • Recordings for GAAD Follow the Sun Webinar Series?

    Hi, do you know where I can find the recordings of the four GAAD Follow the Sun webinars done on Thursday, May 16?
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  • Crazy Point Choices in Rubrics

    I have a rubric with several content areas, and would like to assign points at 0.5 intervals. But the drop-down list of point choices is nuts. For example, one area is worth 4 of the 40 points in the assignment. My po...
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  • To be able to have some students take Test A, B and C and other students to take Test X, Y and Z.

    To be able to have some students take Test A, B and C and other students to take Test X, Y and Z.   What is the setup in Blackboard to do that? 
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  • Alternative to Blackboard Tweak

    We have used the Blackboard Tweak (https://tweaks.github.io/Tweaks/index.html) for 3-4 academic years. Now that our University is moving Bb Learn to the SaaS environment, Tweaks no longer work. Is there an alternative...
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  • Certificates text

    Dear all, I have placed a certificate in a course, which students can print out if they have passed several tasks. The certificate writes that the student has successfully completed the course (it prints out the cour...
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  • Item Layout Issue

    Maybe you can shed some light on this. It seems whenever I add a link in Blackboard an invisible line break is added that shows up. As an example, I’m re-linking files in a course master. The original look...
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  • download results

    Is there a way to export individual question answers for every student, organized into columns?  For specific student assessment questions, I’m trying to calculate answers by student using this format. ...
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  • Add alignment to content

    Hello! When you edit a file, under FILE OPTIONS, it asks if I want to Add alignment to content   Add alignment to content Yes  No       Can somebody explain me what that does? I c...
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  • Have you ever encountered a rubric association disappears after grading?

    Hello,   I have just ended a 30-minute call with an instructor who didn't stop cursing and yelling after a claim that an associated rubric he used in grading just disappeared from the assignment, leaving him wit...
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