• Linking Inline to Content Collection Causes Line Break

    Article No.: 000047533 Issue Description: If a link to a Content Collection file is created on text in a VTBE, it causes a line break.   Is this issue driving you nuts?   Here's a workaround: 1. Put y...
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  • Standard Blackboard Tutorials

    Can anyone tell me if the tutorial illustrated in the attached screenshot is part of a standard Bb tutorial that Blackboard provides?    
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  • Informal course reviews at your institution

    I was wondering if anyone has a course review program (not affiliated with Exemplary Course/BB or QM) at their university.  We're contemplating having an opt-in program where the course is reviewed by an ID and I...
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  • Announcements are sent when the course is closed.

    Blackboard Learn- Announcements are sent even if the  course is closed. Is there an option to choose so the announcement doesn't go out if the course is closed? 
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  • CBE without goal performance dashboard

    Hello Everyone,   We are working on a CBE course and found the goal performance dashboard to be problematic for students to determine where they are in the course since the sub-competencies are not accordianing ...
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  • OneNote use in Blackboard Learn

    Hi! It is my understanding that there is a way to incorporate OneNote notebooks into the Blackboard environment. Has anyone used it, and, if so, what do you think of it and how does it look? Thanks!
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  • Comparison of Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra Courses

    I've been working on a document to give us a snapshot of the feature differences between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra courses.   I thought this might be useful to the wider community, so thought i'd ...
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  • Show us your Blackboard!

    At a recent meeting of the UK Further Education User Group we ran a session called "Show us your Blackboard" whereby we shared our Learn user interface.  From past events, we felt it's always interesting to see w...
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  • Overdue Notifications from Turnitin assignments

    Since we moved to SaaS a couple of months ago we have noticed a steady increase of students saying they have received overdue notifications from their Blackboard daily digest emails when its not relevant to them. ...
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  • The Blackboard Instructor App is Now Available!

    I am thrilled to announce that the Blackboard Instructor app is now available globally in Apple App and Google Play Stores. Blackboard Instructor is our brand new mobile application that gives instructors a simple and...
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  • Academic Integrity Incentives and Programs

    I am interested to hear from other universities' incentives and program around academic integrity. We have Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is a compulsory online module for all students about ethical ...
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  • Job Opportunity - Instructional Technologist (Non-Virtual)

    Bryant & Stratton College is looking to add another Instructional Technologist to the Design Team. The Design Team is a creative, inventive, and student centered team that is always looking to set the students up ...
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  • Case studies on the design of online professional development courses

    Hello Everyone,   I'm looking for case studies from higher education institutions on their experience offering online professional development courses/full programs. I'm trying to establish best practices for a ...
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  • Ultra Course Cards Delete/Replace Banners?

    *We are still using original course view.  But the Ultra navigation. From what I am seeing if you change your new Course Card image it replaces your banner image, normally changed in Learning Styles.  Once ...
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  • Social Learning Tools deprecated

    So, it looks like Blackboard is having a clear-out of older and less-used tools - after yesterday's announcement that Blackboard Open Content would be discontinued from 31st December 2019, I've read today that the Soc...
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  • Learn's Social Learning Tools, Cloud Profile no longer available 31 Dec 2019

    Effective December 31, 2019, the Social Learning Tools and Cloud Profile features of Blackboard Learn will no longer be available. As a part of our commitment to delivering a Learning Management Syst...
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  • Course  Reports Broken with BB Ultra

    Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day. We are currently in the process of migrating to Bb Ultra, last year we went to SAAS and the idea is to go to ULTRA in January 2020. In this process we already did the ...
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  • Video That Can Only be Watched Once

    Does anyone know if Blackboard or another ed tech tool has the following functionality: ensure that students only watch a video one time?    The idea to have students watch a 10 second video and describe wh...
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  • Blackboard Learn feature list?

    Hello,   Is there a simple list of Blackboard Learn features?   I've found lots of good information on blackboard.com, but not the straightforward list of features/functions I'm looking for.   Thanks...
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  • Test Post

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