• Have you created a course template based on quality standards, such as Blackboard ECP or QM?

    We often have clients asking about using templates as a means to improve overall course quality. I'd like to be able to share who's doing this and why. Please add comments and share any details, resources, ideas you h...
  • How do you annotate student assignments in STEM subjects?

    Hi. Just wanted to gather some views.   As a science lecturer my students' assignments contain a lot of symbolic text.  Giving feedback requires me to use a mixture of equations, drawings and plain text...
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  • Which LMS are you coming from?

    I'm curious to get to know the community and discover the wide range and background of what makes up the current Blackboard family.
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  • What motivated you to join the Blackboard Community?

    Educator Community, in preparation for a major marketing campaign on our campus for this Blackboard Community site, I am wondering what motivated each of your to join the Blackboard Community. Will you please select t...
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  • From the Blackboard Designer: If I could search in my gradebook, I would search for...

    Hello, Teaching and Learning Community! If you have a moment, could you please participate in our quick user research? Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help shape the Learn Ultra product.
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  • Break between terms

    A questions was asked about removing a dead week between terms and I was wondering how other universities handle the break between, if any.  Do other universities ever have a main term end and a new one start imm...
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  • Bb Mobile App and Tests

    I have received mixed feedback from faculty about the use of the Bb App for taking tests.  I am curious to see how many of you are allowing students to test in the APP. I see some wonderful information in the c...
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  • IDs @ BbWorld18

    How many instructional designers are going to be attending #BbWorld18?
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  • Community Logo Design

    We are finalizing our design for Community t-shirts and we're having a hard time deciding between the below two designs! Click on each image to see the full photo and please vote for which you prefer!
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  • Use of Retention Centre

    I'm very curious as to the overall use of Retention Centre.  It is something we have used, and pushed, at our institution for a while, but I'm particularly curious as to how widespread the use of Retention Centre...
    Ian Holder
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  • Quick Poll--School Size

    Are you curious about the size of the schools that are represented here in the Educators space?  I am, so I have created this quick poll to get a sense of who is here.  Please take a few seconds to indicate ...
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  • Is your institution using Bb Collaborate ?

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  • Quick Poll--Course Templates

    Just curious how many schools make extensive use of course templates. Please select the choice that most accurately reflects the practice at your institution.
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