• Getting to Know You

    You are not going to be able to get that song out of your head today.  Apologies.   Many instructors ask me how to get to know students when they don't see them in a classroom.  I pondered this, did a ...
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  • AI Chatbot

    I'd like to include a FAQ chatbot in my online courses that would be a coding/programming-free AI-powered chatbot. Is anyone using an AI chatbot in their courses? Can anyone suggest one? 
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  • Add Multiple Users

    Hi, I'm a newbie and my question might very well be a newbie one!! but...I am a teacher, so I have Profesor role in my course group. I am not a Sys Admin nor do I work in IT, but I did work in the area previously so h...
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  • Simple Ways to "Gamify" a Bb Learn Course

    I know there has been a lot of discussion about gamification in the online education world, and I have seen some examples of its use that, frankly, amaze me.  They are elegantly complex instantiations of the gami...
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  • Informal course reviews at your institution

    I was wondering if anyone has a course review program (not affiliated with Exemplary Course/BB or QM) at their university.  We're contemplating having an opt-in program where the course is reviewed by an ID and I...
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  • Inline grading tools for assignments when posted as text vs. file

    In an assignment folder, why aren't the grading tools (annotation and comment box) available for inline grading if the student copies and pastes a text instead of uploading  file?    #grading tools
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  • Does moving students from one group to another impact group submissions thus far?

    Asking for a faculty member - Two students in Calc are requesting a group change.  They had some issues with their group members or students have dropped the course.    Can we move people between groups...
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  • How do I stop the auto-collapsing course menu?

    Beginning this semester, Blackboard now automatically makes the left-had course menu automatically collapse every time I navigate to a new page (see video below.) There is nothing useful in this "feature," as screen s...
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  • Linking Inline to Content Collection Causes Line Break

    Article No.: 000047533 Issue Description: If a link to a Content Collection file is created on text in a VTBE, it causes a line break.   Is this issue driving you nuts?   Here's a workaround: 1. Put y...
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  • Any useful instructions I can offer students about how to copy and paste from Word or Notepad to Blackboard and retain the italics and spacing, etc for reference lists?

    Any useful instructions (links, tips) I can offer students about how to copy and paste from Word or Notepad to Blackboard and retain the italics and spacing, etc for reference lists?
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  • Item Layout Issue

    Maybe you can shed some light on this. It seems whenever I add a link in Blackboard an invisible line break is added that shows up. As an example, I’m re-linking files in a course master. The original look...
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  • BB and OneDrive

    Some of my faculty use Blackboard Drive which is not being supported after the end of this year.  I have been testing Cyberduck but wondered if a better way is the OneDrive and Blackboard partnering.  Has an...
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  • Announcements are sent when the course is closed.

    Blackboard Learn- Announcements are sent even if the  course is closed. Is there an option to choose so the announcement doesn't go out if the course is closed? 
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  • Retention Center Functionality

    Hello,   We are currently running a pilot to implement the Retention Center. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have searched in many locations but can't seem to find any answers....
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  • Blackboard: Possible to send an email or a feedback after finishing a test?

    Hello everyone, is it possible to set in the Blackboard a function or an option, once the students finish a specific test (I mean a complete test, not a question within a test) to lead them to an extra page automatic...
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  • Printing hard copy of course calendar?

    I just received this from a professor and was wondering if there is a way to print out the course calendar cleanly? We are on BB 9.1 Release 3500.0.4 Managed Hosted.   "client called because he wanted to print m...
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  • Set all external links to open in new window/tab?

    My school is using Blackboard Ultra and all external links are broken. I need to (not forget) to set links to open in a new tab. While I can do this for myself, students are not aware of this.   I have a discuss...
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  • [WEBINAR] Preventing Cheating during Blackboard Exams

    10/3/19 2:00 PM
    Join Blackboard and our longtime partner Respondus for a webinar this week to see a demonstration of their tools for preventing cheating during online exams - Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser - both tightly inte...
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    [WEBINAR] Preventing Cheating during Blackboard Exams
  • TedxGVSU: On well-played games & simulations

    Playing games is a very popular activity practiced by young and old. Gamification, as a way to introduce game elements to non-game environments, focuses on tracking activities and providing immersive feedback. Providi...
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  • Overdue Notifications from Turnitin assignments

    Since we moved to SaaS a couple of months ago we have noticed a steady increase of students saying they have received overdue notifications from their Blackboard daily digest emails when its not relevant to them. ...
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