• Add alignment to content

    Hello! When you edit a file, under FILE OPTIONS, it asks if I want to Add alignment to content   Add alignment to content Yes  No       Can somebody explain me what that does? I c...
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  • Have you ever encountered a rubric association disappears after grading?

    Hello,   I have just ended a 30-minute call with an instructor who didn't stop cursing and yelling after a claim that an associated rubric he used in grading just disappeared from the assignment, leaving him wit...
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  • Opinion Scale Likert

    Is there a way to use the Opinion Scale/Likert in the Test environment in Blackboard (I tried to do this by choosing Opinion Scale/Likert when creating a test, but it reverts back to Question type)?  Or is there ...
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  • Q&A + links from the Gamification in Teaching and Learning webinar

    Presentation Slides & Notes: [BITS] Gamification and Game-Based Learning -- Presentation Slides   Questions from the webinar:    Question: <v John Thompson>What happens if a student ignores t...
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  • Giving students access to individual files in a big class

    Hi Everyone,   Let's say I have a class of 100, and a folder in the Content Collection with 100 files (.txt, .xls, etc.). Each file has a unique dataset, and I want to give each student read access only to the f...
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  • 2-in-1 Laptop and New Box View

    Hi everyone!  I know that Microsoft Surfaces have issues with New Box View, but has anyone tried laptops that have touchscreens, that are considered 2-in-1?  Do those have issues with grading or do they get ...
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  • sticky discussion post

    Does anyone know if there's a way to make a discussion post "stick" to the top of the forum?  For my discussions each week I like to make a post with tips but it always flows to the bottom unless I am constantly ...
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  • Which LMS are you coming from?

    I'm curious to get to know the community and discover the wide range and background of what makes up the current Blackboard family.
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  • Designers Resource Outpost

    I would very much like to start a repository/outpost of design ideas for folks to try out/recommend/review, etc.   Da Button Factory: web button maker  - An incredibly simple way to make custom buttons! ...
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  • 7 Trends You Should Invest in to Become a Student-Centered Institution

    Article originally published on E-Learn Magazine on Nov 21, 2017   Educational institutions continuously work to achieve excellence and stay current and relevant. In a context of restricted resources and countl...
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  • Real-World Preparedness

    How many times have we, as technologists, admins...staff in higher education in general...heard the hearts of students who are stuck in the never-ending story of "I need a job, but I keep being told I don't have enoug...
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  • What's Your Preference - Webinar or F2F Training?

    Whether you are more responsible for classroom technology or fully online support, do you, personally, prefer to "attend" trainings online or in person? For me, I actually enjoy the face-to-face time for the sense of ...
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  • Faculty Training Tips and Tricks (ok, so just 2 tips)

    When I first began the task of Faculty Training, I was still at my alma mater - standing before those who had taught me, along with many who didn't know me, only that I had a BA and couldn't hold a candle to their mul...
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  • Have you created a course template based on quality standards, such as Blackboard ECP or QM?

    We often have clients asking about using templates as a means to improve overall course quality. I'd like to be able to share who's doing this and why. Please add comments and share any details, resources, ideas you h...
  • Research Participation Request - LMS acceptance

    Dear Faculty, My name is Ayse Begum Aslan and I am a PhD Candidate at Wayne State University. I would like to invite you to participate in an online survey about faculty acceptance of learning management systems in h...
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  • How to add alignment (goals) to a SCORM with multiple SCOS in Blackboard Learn

    I have developed a SCORM lesson that has two different AU sections (SCOS) that score out into two separate grade center columns. Each AU is a lesson on a different objective, and I would like to add different alignmen...
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  • TedxGVSU: On well-played games & simulations

    Playing games is a very popular activity practiced by young and old. Gamification, as a way to introduce game elements to non-game environments, focuses on tracking activities and providing immersive feedback. Providi...
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  • Trying to set up a multipart question in a test

    Thanks again for all the help provided on other issues, it's been of great assistance.  Unfortunately, you've inspired me to push my boundaries further :-)   I know that I can create tests in Bb, and I can s...
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  • Best Ultra Course that you have seen

    We are doing a pilot with our faculty - to migrate from Original View course to Ultra View Course.   My staff have a hard time trying to figure how to migrate it.  I have emphasized that it will require...
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  • BOX Grading Toolset Travesty

    Am I the only one challenged to understand why the BOX grading tools debacle, and it is a debacle, continues not to be addressed? Am I the only one that feels like there has not been any sense of urgency or attention ...
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