• Best Practices for sharing content/assessments in Learn 9.1

    I'm working with a pilot group of teachers who have become accustomed to easily sharing resources and tests in another platform.  What are the best practices for teachers looking to share tests and content with t...
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  • Community Tabs & Modules in Ultra

    As I continue to evaluate Ultra and Base Navigation, I see that the Ultra Institution Page is evolving with modules and links. I don't know if the intent is to bring these features up to the current customization leve...
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  • lecture capture & video integration

    I'm researching video integrations for Blackboard (beyond Collaborate) and am intrigued by TechSmith Relay. What other LTI video tools do you guys use for lecture capture and student video responses? What features sho...
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  • BB Training

    I was wondering what everyone utilizes for training faculty on how to use BB. Our institution developed an in-house training, however, it is quite heavy on the pedagogy and am needing something more practical in terms...
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  • Partnering with Pronto - An Alternative Solution to Blackboard Instant Messaging (EOL on December 31)

    With the End of Life of Blackboard Instant Messaging (Blackboard IM) coming on December 31, Blackboard has partnered with Pronto to provide an alternative solution for our customers. Developed by HitLabs, Pronto is a ...
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  • BOX Grading Toolset Travesty

    Am I the only one challenged to understand why the BOX grading tools debacle, and it is a debacle, continues not to be addressed? Am I the only one that feels like there has not been any sense of urgency or attention ...
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  • Help! How to set up a goal set?

    I work as a content developer for a course in my institution. The institution uses CourseSites for its couses' management.   In CourseSites, my role is an instructor. There is a rule in CourseSite that an Instru...
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  • Opinion Scale Likert

    Is there a way to use the Opinion Scale/Likert in the Test environment in Blackboard (I tried to do this by choosing Opinion Scale/Likert when creating a test, but it reverts back to Question type)?  Or is there ...
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  • BB Learning Module Navigation video tutorial for students

    I have created and used the BB Learning Module template for my online courses. I find that some students don't seem to know how to navigate through the Learning Module (as simple and straightforward as it is!), by us...
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  • Blackboard Professional Development (PD) Formats and Framework

    One of the top performing elements of our PD support framework is our Tech Tuesday.   Tech Tuesday - sponsored by TLC-to-go (a Teaching and Learning alternative to on-site delivery) Tech Tuesday PD is deliver...
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  • Improving Student Communication with Real-Time Communication Tools

    3/6/19 2:00 PM
    Join us along with our new instant messaging partner Pronto to learn about the benefits of real-time communication with students. Attendees will see a live demonstration of Pronto’s mobile application and integr...
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    Improving Student Communication with Real-Time Communication Tools
  • End of Life announcement for Blackboard Open Content

    I've just received a notification for the End of Life for Blackboard Open Content (xpLor) as of 31st December 2019, with Maintenance Support Mode from 30th June 2019 - see https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb...
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  • Best practices for integrating Macmillan content with Blackboard Learn

    Are you currently using Macmillan’s LaunchPad or considering it for your next course? If so, be sure to check out the Launch Pad integration built for Blackboard Learn. The integration provides a number of benef...
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  • Subtracting from calculated column?

    Is there a way to automatically make a calculated column take subtract points?   I am helping an instructor set up her final grade using a total column. However, she wants to continue penalizing lack of group e...
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  • The row height in Grade Center is now so big that as an instructor I can only see about 12 rows on my screen.  Can Blackboad fix this?

    The row height in Grade Center is now so big that as an instructor I can only see about 12 rows on my screen.  Can Blackboad fix this?  My only option is to change the zoom.  This seems to be new.
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  • Community College Enterprise: Opportunity to Contribute

    I've recently taken on the role of the "Technology in Practice" Editor for the Community College Enterprise (CCE). The CCE is one of only two peer-reviewed journals focusing on community colleges in the United States ...
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  • Gamification strategies in a hybrid exemplary college course

    Abstract: Using technology in teaching and learning finds a wide adoption in recent years. 63.3% of chief academic leaders surveyed by the Babson Survey Research Group confirm that education is critical to their long-...
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  • BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra (virtual classroom): How can instructor view students who are not speaking?

    Is there a way to see the video of a student who is not speaking? The instructor sees the last 5 to speak. However, I have an instructor who wants to check on people  that he thinks may have walked away from the ...
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  • Where can I find info on how to enable parent access?

    My K12 academic colleague would like to enable parent access to review their child academic progress, I would like to know whether this can be done in Blackboard and if yes how/ where can I find out more info on how t...
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  • Accessing a Blackboard exemplary course

    Does anyone know how to access a Blackboard exemplary course to view it?
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