• Dentistry New Patient Box Question Type

    Greetings! I work at a dentistry school. The future board exam will include a patient box type question, which is case based.  If you are not familiar, the question includes patient information, chief complaint ...
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  • The Blackboard Instructor App is Now Available!

    I am thrilled to announce that the Blackboard Instructor app is now available globally in Apple App and Google Play Stores. Blackboard Instructor is our brand new mobile application that gives instructors a simple and...
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  • Academic Integrity Incentives and Programs

    I am interested to hear from other universities' incentives and program around academic integrity. We have Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is a compulsory online module for all students about ethical ...
    created by severinelee
  • Retention Center Functionality

    Hello,   We are currently running a pilot to implement the Retention Center. I have a couple questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have searched in many locations but can't seem to find any answers....
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  • FYI, Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform and helping users move their badges to Badgr.

    Just got this email from badges@mozillafoundation.org   We're immensely proud of the work we've done on Open Badges over the years, and Mozilla will continue to be an Open Badges champion. Going forward, we beli...
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  • Case studies on the design of online professional development courses

    Hello Everyone,   I'm looking for case studies from higher education institutions on their experience offering online professional development courses/full programs. I'm trying to establish best practices for a ...
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  • Social Learning Tools deprecated

    So, it looks like Blackboard is having a clear-out of older and less-used tools - after yesterday's announcement that Blackboard Open Content would be discontinued from 31st December 2019, I've read today that the Soc...
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  • Inline grading tools for assignments when posted as text vs. file

    In an assignment folder, why aren't the grading tools (annotation and comment box) available for inline grading if the student copies and pastes a text instead of uploading  file?    #grading tools
    created by okalag2@uic.edu
  • Blackboard: Possible to send an email or a feedback after finishing a test?

    Hello everyone, is it possible to set in the Blackboard a function or an option, once the students finish a specific test (I mean a complete test, not a question within a test) to lead them to an extra page automatic...
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  • How do I allow students to create their own student groups?

    I would like students to create their own student groups in a course and be able to invite other students on to the group. Is this facility available in Blackboard? This is available in other VLE's, e.g. Canvas (How d...
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  • Video That Can Only be Watched Once

    Does anyone know if Blackboard or another ed tech tool has the following functionality: ensure that students only watch a video one time?    The idea to have students watch a 10 second video and describe wh...
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  • Is there a way to push edits/updates of content from a master/parent course to a child course?

    Is there a way to push edits/updates of content from a master/parent course to a child course?
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  • Blackboard Learn feature list?

    Hello,   Is there a simple list of Blackboard Learn features?   I've found lots of good information on blackboard.com, but not the straightforward list of features/functions I'm looking for.   Thanks...
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  • The new Blackboard Partner Catalog is here

    We are happy to announce the availability of our new and improved Blackboard Partner Catalog! We transitioned the Extensions Catalog to now exist solely on our Blackboard Community site.    Why did we create...
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  • What tools do you guys use for graphing in math courses?

    Are there any blackboard building blocks that are available for math instructors to be able to graph math problems or are there other apps or services available?  I was just wondering what your instructors use.&#...
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  • Does anyone have trouble working in Blackboard with differents Browsers?

    If my students are working on a test, some of their questions disappear or don't lets them see it in full.  Is there any bug that we don't have identify yet? They are using Chrome and  iExplorer.
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  • Identifying Geographical Location of Logged-In Student

    Is there a way to identify the geographical location of a logged-in student? I am concerned about some students "outsourcing" their online activity.
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  • weighed total possible points

    First question I had was: how does Blackboard arrive to the "possible points" you see when you hover above the weighed total column? I'm unable to find any information about this and faculty frequently asks about this...
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  • Is it possible to configure Bb Learn 9.1 so that new content folder appears on top instead of bottom

    We're mid-year... Teacher adds a new content folder.  It is added to Course Content without a problem.  However it appears at the BOTTOM of the list of folders.  Students have given feedback that they p...
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  • How do I embed a Films On Demand video?

    YouTube videos embed nicely but am having issues with Films On Demand subscribed videos.
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