• Calendar entries and content availability

    While recently teaching a class I discovered a surprising behavior of the Blackboard calendar. I make certain all my assignments, discussions, and other graded content have due dates so they populate the Blackboard ca...
    created by jh0043189
  • Item Layout Issue

    Maybe you can shed some light on this. It seems whenever I add a link in Blackboard an invisible line break is added that shows up. As an example, I’m re-linking files in a course master. The original look...
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  • Opinion Scale Likert

    Is there a way to use the Opinion Scale/Likert in the Test environment in Blackboard (I tried to do this by choosing Opinion Scale/Likert when creating a test, but it reverts back to Question type)?  Or is there ...
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  • Q&A + links from the Gamification in Teaching and Learning webinar

    Presentation Slides & Notes: [BITS] Gamification and Game-Based Learning -- Presentation Slides   Questions from the webinar:    Question: <v John Thompson>What happens if a student ignores t...
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  • Giving students access to individual files in a big class

    Hi Everyone,   Let's say I have a class of 100, and a folder in the Content Collection with 100 files (.txt, .xls, etc.). Each file has a unique dataset, and I want to give each student read access only to the f...
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  • sticky discussion post

    Does anyone know if there's a way to make a discussion post "stick" to the top of the forum?  For my discussions each week I like to make a post with tips but it always flows to the bottom unless I am constantly ...
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  • Which LMS are you coming from?

    I'm curious to get to know the community and discover the wide range and background of what makes up the current Blackboard family.
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  • Designers Resource Outpost

    I would very much like to start a repository/outpost of design ideas for folks to try out/recommend/review, etc.   Da Button Factory: web button maker  - An incredibly simple way to make custom buttons! ...
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  • eXe Learning open source authoring tool

    I've recently discovered the old eXe elearning authoring tool developed in New Zealand as been updated to v2 and developed into a more modern HTML5 authoring tool that now exports in SCORM and EPUB formats. It's desig...
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  • What's Your Preference - Webinar or F2F Training?

    Whether you are more responsible for classroom technology or fully online support, do you, personally, prefer to "attend" trainings online or in person? For me, I actually enjoy the face-to-face time for the sense of ...
    created by lt0079872
  • Have you created a course template based on quality standards, such as Blackboard ECP or QM?

    We often have clients asking about using templates as a means to improve overall course quality. I'd like to be able to share who's doing this and why. Please add comments and share any details, resources, ideas you h...
  • TedxGVSU: On well-played games & simulations

    Playing games is a very popular activity practiced by young and old. Gamification, as a way to introduce game elements to non-game environments, focuses on tracking activities and providing immersive feedback. Providi...
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  • Custom Achievement Badge Images course copy issue

    Hi all,   I realise Achievements is not the most robust of Bb's tools - but I've recently found an issue related to custom Badge Images after performing a course copy in Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 CU6.   After copy...
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  • Discussion Boards, Subscribe and Notifications

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with subscribing to Discussion Boards and Notifications?   The current question is if faculty subscribe to Discussion Boards to receive email updates, and the Notifications setti...
    created by lsheehy7
  • ULTRA SVG image Support

    Are there plans to add support for SVG files in ULTRA?   I have an SVG file with embedded social media links that I would like to add to 'documents'. When I add the SVG, the only option is to add it as a downloa...
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  • Community Tabs & Modules in Ultra

    As I continue to evaluate Ultra and Base Navigation, I see that the Ultra Institution Page is evolving with modules and links. I don't know if the intent is to bring these features up to the current customization leve...
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  • How is your institution using Eesysoft analytics to improve courses?

    Our institution has recently rolled out Eesysoft and it looks promising. I'm wondering how other institutions are using the analytics reports and if there are strategic initiatives that use this data to improve course...
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  • Content editor HTML vs. PDF?

    I have been working on updating a large number of online courses and am trying to be consistent from one course to another with regards to the general organization and the format that I use to post instructional conte...
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  • End of Life announcement for Blackboard Open Content

    I've just received a notification for the End of Life for Blackboard Open Content (xpLor) as of 31st December 2019, with Maintenance Support Mode from 30th June 2019 - see https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb...
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  • Bb test question type to allow file or text submission

    Bb Test Question Types... Has anyone figured out a way to allow a student to submit either a file or text on a test question.  The file question will not allow text and the essay question doesn't allow file atta...
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