• Calculated Formula answers marked incorrectly

    We are now on the SaaS Release 3500.9.0-rel.10+9209768. I have a science teacher who creates a lot of calculated formulas for his chemistry classes. He has reported and showed me that a few students who have submitted...
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  • Bb test question type to allow file or text submission

    Bb Test Question Types... Has anyone figured out a way to allow a student to submit either a file or text on a test question.  The file question will not allow text and the essay question doesn't allow file atta...
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  • Chemistry Notation Quizzing

    Is there a way to construct a test that allows students to answer using the LaTeX tool that will be auto-graded? Our chemistry professors would like students to practice chemistry notation without the need to manually...
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  • VLE supporting learning & teaching at the course/programme level

    Our institution is currently looking at ways in which Blackboard can support a programme level approach i.e. being able to facilitate learning, teaching and assessment at the level of course/programme rather than indi...
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  • Attendance in Blackboard

    What do you do when you're asked to do this? -- "In addition to entering a midterm grade, please mark how regularly a student has attended a course by entering 0 (never attended), 1 (sporadic, unsatisfactory attendanc...
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  • Can Discussions be assigned to a different category?

    I want grades from Discussion posts to be factored into the category for Homework and Participation. Can I do that? How?
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  • Requesting a copy of an online/hybrid course certified with ECP or QM

    Hello everyone,   The University where I work is partnered with Blackboard Learn and Quality Matters. I am certain that online instructors at the same university would very much appreciate this if I could share...
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  • How do I control exam feedback

    I used to use CourseSites and was able to customize how test scores were displayed after a student submitted a test. For instance, only show incorrect answers, only show score, only show score when all tests are submi...
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  • Can Wraparound Services Enhance Learning in UK OU?

    Recently, I read the article 'Online Learning and Disruptive Change at the UK Open University", Online Learning and Distance Education Resources, T. Bates, May 2, 2018. At Central Piedmont Community College we provide...
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  • Multiple attempt test with 2 grade scales?

    I am trying to find a way to create a single test with 2 possible attempts. If the first test is passed with a 70 or above there is no need to for a second attempt. If the test is failed with a 69 or below, I would li...
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  • Compare 2 Test Attempts with Randomized Questions

    An instructor wants to compare the test attempts for just two students out of 96 students.  The test was presented with questions randomized.  Can anyone think of a way to get the two test attempts side by s...
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  • Blackboard awards achievements to all students no matter what the criteria

    So I've been trying to create some achievements for my course but no matter what criteria I enter, as soon as I save the achievement, it is awarded to all students.   This happens whether I choose Milestone or C...
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  • Test results available when no attempts

    An instructor wants to give quizzes and make the results available to students, so they can study for tests.  Students should not be allowed to take the quiz after the due date.  If a student has made NO att...
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  • Accessing teacher's logs from before July 2018

    I am trying to access the grading logs of the teachers on my site for the entire year of 2018. Unfortunately, all of the logs within the system start on July 19th 2018. Is it possible to access the data from the 1st o...
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  • WEBINAR: [Innovations in Integrations] Delivering Engaging AND Affordable Content with Copia and Blackboard

    11/8/18 2:00 PM
    Student outcomes are critical measurements of success for any institution. We know that students perform better when they are engaged with the course materials, but in many cases, the cost of textbooks is a hindrance....
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    WEBINAR: [Innovations in Integrations] Delivering Engaging AND Affordable Content with Copia and Blackboard
  • Grading in Blackboard

    This version is not near as friendly for grading discussion posts.  When I go to "Needs Grading" much of the time I can't even access it as i get a sad face with "preview-learn.blackboard.com redirected you too m...
    created by sa7holst
  • how to add groups to a group set.

    I have done this, but now can't find any way to do it again and no reference to it anywhere. Somewhere is a button at the bottom of the page saying "add group".   Can anyone tell me where it is...?   I ha...
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  • Availability Settings in Master and Child / Merged Courses

    For those who have merged courses into a master course, how did you deploy an assignment or test with different availability settings and/or deadlines in each of the children courses, in Blackboard Learn?   Whil...
    created by ja0070997
  • Case Study: How Winthrop University's Accounting Department Uses WileyPLUS Integrated with Blackboard Learn

    With such a vast amount and variety of content these days, access and organization of this content can be overwhelming for students and instructors. Learn how one accounting instructor at Winthrop University uses Wile...
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  • Student Test Issue, Trust the Student or Not?

    I have a student who says he was marked wrong on two test questions. He claims when reviewing the test, the answers that were shown as his submissions were not the answers he submitted, and that he submitted the corre...
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