• How do you annotate student assignments in STEM subjects?

    Hi. Just wanted to gather some views.   As a science lecturer my students' assignments contain a lot of symbolic text.  Giving feedback requires me to use a mixture of equations, drawings and plain text...
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  • Log book for Students

    Hi there,   I would like to create a log form for students. On this form I need them to fill in the number of hours they have participated in an activity, with a description. I would like these hours to follow t...
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  • Self and peer assessment

    Hello all. I have a project to be submitted by groups in the class, each group is around three students. I would like to have each group‘s members to be able to grade other groups in their work. All tutorials I ...
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  • Trying to set up a multipart question in a test

    Thanks again for all the help provided on other issues, it's been of great assistance.  Unfortunately, you've inspired me to push my boundaries further :-)   I know that I can create tests in Bb, and I can s...
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  • BOX Grading Toolset Travesty

    Am I the only one challenged to understand why the BOX grading tools debacle, and it is a debacle, continues not to be addressed? Am I the only one that feels like there has not been any sense of urgency or attention ...
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  • Rubric issues: grades multiplied by 100

    Hello, I am currently experiencing an issue in my Grade Center. I use rubrics for grading assignments. Unfortunately after grading one homework the resultant score was automatically multiplied by 100. Let mew explain ...
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  • New Box View Draw Function - Browsers

    Does anyone know what browsers work with the draw function on the new box view?  When I try Chrome with the latest update I get "annotation could not be created."  When I use Microsoft Edge it thinks the mou...
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  • new Box view update - no highlights - DRAWINGS DON'T DELETE

    I'm in the middle of grading and I just discovered that a new update was pushed out of Box View that has gotten rid of the highlight feature! I use that all the time to make sure students know exactly what sentence I ...
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  • Multiple Choice Questions with 1 Wrong Answer (Learn 9.1)

    I got a request from an instructor today, and it was so interesting that I thought I'd share about it in case anyone else ever came up with a similar scenario.  The instructor wanted to set up a short quiz at the...
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  • Box - Text Annotation got issue?

    Anyone else encountering this same issue?   A lecturer just called me to report that while trying to grade student assignments. He clicked on the "Point annotation mode" icon But what happens next is that th...
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  • Box Ipad Pencil  Broken by Update

    ...prior to the box update the Ipad Pro 2018 pencil worked just fine in Box, and I was able to quickly and efficiently grade papers. for some reason I'm not able to upload a video of it, but suffice it to say it is cu...
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  • Best practices for integrating Macmillan content with Blackboard Learn

    Are you currently using Macmillan’s LaunchPad or considering it for your next course? If so, be sure to check out the Launch Pad integration built for Blackboard Learn. The integration provides a number of benef...
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  • Calculated Formula answers marked incorrectly

    We are now on the SaaS Release 3500.9.0-rel.10+9209768. I have a science teacher who creates a lot of calculated formulas for his chemistry classes. He has reported and showed me that a few students who have submitted...
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  • Mathematical Coursework Submission

    Hi,   I'm looking for any examples of how course leaders/Institutions have tackled the online submission and marking/Feedback of handwritten mathematical coursework (pages of equation derivations).   Our E...
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  • Bb test question type to allow file or text submission

    Bb Test Question Types... Has anyone figured out a way to allow a student to submit either a file or text on a test question.  The file question will not allow text and the essay question doesn't allow file atta...
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  • Chemistry Notation Quizzing

    Is there a way to construct a test that allows students to answer using the LaTeX tool that will be auto-graded? Our chemistry professors would like students to practice chemistry notation without the need to manually...
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  • VLE supporting learning & teaching at the course/programme level

    Our institution is currently looking at ways in which Blackboard can support a programme level approach i.e. being able to facilitate learning, teaching and assessment at the level of course/programme rather than indi...
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  • Attendance in Blackboard

    What do you do when you're asked to do this? -- "In addition to entering a midterm grade, please mark how regularly a student has attended a course by entering 0 (never attended), 1 (sporadic, unsatisfactory attendanc...
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  • Can Discussions be assigned to a different category?

    I want grades from Discussion posts to be factored into the category for Homework and Participation. Can I do that? How?
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  • Requesting a copy of an online/hybrid course certified with ECP or QM

    Hello everyone,   The University where I work is partnered with Blackboard Learn and Quality Matters. I am certain that online instructors at the same university would very much appreciate this if I could share...
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