• Randomize Question Order Across Multiple Random Blocks

    I've got more of a feature-related than technical question regarding Blackboard Learn's Random Block question type.    As we know, Random Block is powerful in that it can randomly pull x number of...
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  • Curriculum Mapping and reporting

    I am a new Bb Admin, and have a challenging question from our newly formed College of Health Sciences.   Each of the 4 program directors are at varying point of accreditation status.  They nee...
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  • Calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types

    We are exploring the calendar items and due date notifications for additional content types feature of Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019.   Should due dates added when creating Turnitin Assignments and other LTI inte...
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  • Multiple test attempts

    From one of my instructors: Does anyone have a quick answer to this?  Or a not-so-quick answer?   A student had two submissions allowed on a self-grading multiple choice test. She did marginally better o...
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  • View Only Discussion Forum

    An instructor recently made a request, and I don't think there's a "View Only" setting for discussion forums once they've been graded.  At any rate, here was their request: "Is there a way to make a graded Disc...
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  • Link multiple SLO sources to test questions

    I am very new to Bb and have a question about reporting and data.  Does anyone here have experience with Health Sciences, ie. Speech Language Pathology.  Our director needs to pull data from Bb.  S...
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  • Creating tests

    Is it still true that Bb must use a third-party to import test questions from Word?  I have found several videos, but they are older.
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  • How do you annotate student assignments in STEM subjects?

    Hi. Just wanted to gather some views.   As a science lecturer my students' assignments contain a lot of symbolic text.  Giving feedback requires me to use a mixture of equations, drawings and plain text...
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  • Limit grading to group

    In a lot of our courses we see an increased use of groups within the course. Courses are getting larger and work is being divided over multiple teachers. A popular request is to modify the list of students that is av...
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  • Microsoft Teams and Bb Learn

    Hello! I imagine there are many Bb customers here who also actively use Microsoft O365 products on a daily basis.  One particular product that I've been intrigued by is Microsoft Teams, especially since it incor...
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  • question about time and date stamp

    I have a student who, according to the time and date stamp on Blackboard, submitted an assignment after the deadline.  The submission also contains an Excel file that shows a date/time created and date/time last ...
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  • BbWorld 2019 UX Lab

    Will you attend BbWorld 2019 in Austin? Don’t forget to stop by the UX Lab to help define what’s next for Blackboard. You’ll find us in the Community LIVE ...
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  • Assignment Resubmission

    Hi all!   I'm just setting up a course that has a load of assignment dropboxes, and the tutors have asked for a resubmission dropbox for each assignment, which is going to make the Grade Centre really big and ugl...
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  • Embedding an MS Form, properly

    Hi there, I am embedding an MS Form in blackboard. The issue is that the actual form is not displayed, instead the following message is displayed, "Fill out the form" with a link to the form. This link then opens the ...
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  • Create Recording Feature to launch in EU on 7 March

    I've just seen this article: https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb_articleview?id=kAA39000000CbCtGAK which announces the availability of the audio and video recording facility for student feedback for clien...
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  • New Box View and digital annotation of student assignments

    There are several threads on the forum where the ongoing issues with the appalling piece of software which is New Box View have been raised.  My team have been waiting patiently for the long-promised improvements...
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  • Calendar entries and content availability

    While recently teaching a class I discovered a surprising behavior of the Blackboard calendar. I make certain all my assignments, discussions, and other graded content have due dates so they populate the Blackboard ca...
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  • download results

    Is there a way to export individual question answers for every student, organized into columns?  For specific student assessment questions, I’m trying to calculate answers by student using this format. ...
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  • Have you ever encountered a rubric association disappears after grading?

    Hello,   I have just ended a 30-minute call with an instructor who didn't stop cursing and yelling after a claim that an associated rubric he used in grading just disappeared from the assignment, leaving him wit...
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  • Opinion Scale Likert

    Is there a way to use the Opinion Scale/Likert in the Test environment in Blackboard (I tried to do this by choosing Opinion Scale/Likert when creating a test, but it reverts back to Question type)?  Or is there ...
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