• Embedding an MS Form, properly

    Hi there, I am embedding an MS Form in blackboard. The issue is that the actual form is not displayed, instead the following message is displayed, "Fill out the form" with a link to the form. This link then opens the ...
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  • Create Recording Feature to launch in EU on 7 March

    I've just seen this article: https://blackboard.secure.force.com/apex/btbb_articleview?id=kAA39000000CbCtGAK which announces the availability of the audio and video recording facility for student feedback for clien...
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  • New Box View and digital annotation of student assignments

    There are several threads on the forum where the ongoing issues with the appalling piece of software which is New Box View have been raised.  My team have been waiting patiently for the long-promised improvements...
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  • Calendar entries and content availability

    While recently teaching a class I discovered a surprising behavior of the Blackboard calendar. I make certain all my assignments, discussions, and other graded content have due dates so they populate the Blackboard ca...
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  • download results

    Is there a way to export individual question answers for every student, organized into columns?  For specific student assessment questions, I’m trying to calculate answers by student using this format. ...
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  • Have you ever encountered a rubric association disappears after grading?

    Hello,   I have just ended a 30-minute call with an instructor who didn't stop cursing and yelling after a claim that an associated rubric he used in grading just disappeared from the assignment, leaving him wit...
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  • Opinion Scale Likert

    Is there a way to use the Opinion Scale/Likert in the Test environment in Blackboard (I tried to do this by choosing Opinion Scale/Likert when creating a test, but it reverts back to Question type)?  Or is there ...
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  • Q&A + links from the Gamification in Teaching and Learning webinar

    Presentation Slides & Notes: [BITS] Gamification and Game-Based Learning -- Presentation Slides   Questions from the webinar:    Question: <v John Thompson>What happens if a student ignores t...
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  • 2-in-1 Laptop and New Box View

    Hi everyone!  I know that Microsoft Surfaces have issues with New Box View, but has anyone tried laptops that have touchscreens, that are considered 2-in-1?  Do those have issues with grading or do they get ...
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  • Partial Credit - Matching Question

    I'm working with a teacher who has a 15 question matching question.  She has partial credit enabled.  She has made the question worth 15 points.  How can she ensure that the question has a 1 match/1 poi...
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  • Delegated Marking and the Yellow Icon

    Hi,   Looking for some clarification if at all possible.   We have delegated marking set up for a large cohort. I'm enrolled in the course unit as eLearning Super User/Course Leader and set up to mark no s...
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  • Question From Blackboard Designer: Revealing answers to students during a multi-attempt assessment

    I’m a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your...
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  • Which LMS are you coming from?

    I'm curious to get to know the community and discover the wide range and background of what makes up the current Blackboard family.
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  • Standards Based Grading

    Is anyone using Blackboard for standards based grading in K-12?  Looking for a way to do it in 9.1.   Thanks! Danni
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  • Question from a Blackboard Designer: Revealing answers in matched questions

    I’m a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your...
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  • How do you annotate student assignments in STEM subjects?

    Hi. Just wanted to gather some views.   As a science lecturer my students' assignments contain a lot of symbolic text.  Giving feedback requires me to use a mixture of equations, drawings and plain text...
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  • Log book for Students

    Hi there,   I would like to create a log form for students. On this form I need them to fill in the number of hours they have participated in an activity, with a description. I would like these hours to follow t...
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  • Self and peer assessment

    Hello all. I have a project to be submitted by groups in the class, each group is around three students. I would like to have each group‘s members to be able to grade other groups in their work. All tutorials I ...
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  • Trying to set up a multipart question in a test

    Thanks again for all the help provided on other issues, it's been of great assistance.  Unfortunately, you've inspired me to push my boundaries further :-)   I know that I can create tests in Bb, and I can s...
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  • BOX Grading Toolset Travesty

    Am I the only one challenged to understand why the BOX grading tools debacle, and it is a debacle, continues not to be addressed? Am I the only one that feels like there has not been any sense of urgency or attention ...
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