• How does an empty column (no grade) affect the Weighted Total?

    Hello, I was wondering what happens if you leave a column (this column is part of how the grade for the Weighted Total is being computed) for a student empty? Would it act the same as exempting the column? Or does th...
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  • how to create a calculated column that is the sum of two percentage columns

    I am giving an incentive for attendance in my class (1% for 90% attendance, .5% for 80% attendance) that is extra credit - to just add to their overall average.  If I create a column to enter the extra percentage...
    created by dunnl1
  • Cross-course achievements

    I'm just discovering the joy of Achievements and, although I think I know the answer to this, was wondering if there was a way for students to view all of their achievements across all courses?  It's not such an ...
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  • Grateful for this community

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!   I've found so much help in our community, and see how people are so enthusiastic to help others.  I appreciate you!
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  • How do I extend a due date for a student assignment?

    I have two students who need me to extend the due date for a homework assignment.  How do I do this in Blackboard?
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  • Did Drafts for Group Assignments in Original View Change?

    So we're on SaaS, Ultra navigation but using original course view.  I have been getting significantly more questions about this than usual and I can't go back to see what happened in the past.  When I create...
    created by troutv
  • download results

    Is there a way to export individual question answers for every student, organized into columns?  For specific student assessment questions, I’m trying to calculate answers by student using this format. ...
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  • rubric

    I am currently designing a rubric. I used the Percentage Range Option. I have included all the details. But I cannot go submit the final design because i am blocked by "A valid numeric value must be entered: Percent"....
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  • Analyze Test Data by Question Category

    I am making a test with 32 different questions , each question belonging to one of 4 different categories. The answer to each question is on a scale of 1 to 5. I'd like to add up the responses for each category a...
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  • display all quiz results

    Is there a way that students can view their short answer text, when looking at their results?   Currently students can see either a tick or a cross, but not the actual text that they wrote.
    created by catk
  • How will a teacher know there are comments about the assignment?

    Is there a setting that tells a teacher if a student has added a comment to his/her assignment (not just every assignment but only those with comments added)?  I am pretty sure I know the answer but told her...
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  • Does moving students from one group to another impact group submissions thus far?

    Asking for a faculty member - Two students in Calc are requesting a group change.  They had some issues with their group members or students have dropped the course.    Can we move people between groups...
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  • Question Sets - how to remove question after an exam

    Hello, Summary Issue: How can I remove a question from a Question Set after the students have already taken the exam (bad question)? I'd like to find a way to give those students who got this question wrong, the poin...
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  • Microsoft Teams and Bb Learn

    Hello! I imagine there are many Bb customers here who also actively use Microsoft O365 products on a daily basis.  One particular product that I've been intrigued by is Microsoft Teams, especially since it incor...
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  • Creating a submission link for an existing Assignment

    I inherited a copy of an eLearn course from another instructor. We are having the students write a scientific paper in parts, with a section due each week, turned in on eLearn. There is a folder for each week, and in ...
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  • uploading assignments

    Okay, this is a bit of a weird query about something weird that is going on.   We've had an uptick in failed assignments being loaded into Blackboard. That is, we've got multiple examples of students trying to s...
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  • Drop Box Inline Grading Issue

    After I post feedback on the document in a drop box (assignment) and I go back to review it this happens: I click the icon to to open the comment but I cannot close it, I re-click the icon and nothing, I click all ove...
    created by ianaugust45
  • gradebook display

    How do I get rid of the duplicate display of headings in the Full Results Center gradebook view? It looks like this: Thanks.
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  • [WEBINAR] Preventing Cheating during Blackboard Exams

    10/3/19 2:00 PM
    Join Blackboard and our longtime partner Respondus for a webinar this week to see a demonstration of their tools for preventing cheating during online exams - Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser - both tightly inte...
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    [WEBINAR] Preventing Cheating during Blackboard Exams
  • CBE without goal performance dashboard

    Hello Everyone,   We are working on a CBE course and found the goal performance dashboard to be problematic for students to determine where they are in the course since the sub-competencies are not accordianing ...
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