Job Opportunity

Blog Post created by et0069225 on Jun 28, 2019

Crisis Guardian has a deep specialism in Emergency Preparedness and Resilience awareness and education. Based in the East Midlands of England near Stamford we are looking to recruit a moodle administrator.

We are looking for someone who is already living in the East Midlands and who is organised with a good work ethic and eye for detail. More importantly, you need to be enthusiastic, open minded and happy to learn on-the-go. You’ll be working alongside people who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about what they do, so you’ll have plenty of support as you settle in.


The following are some of the skills we are looking for:


2 years experience in assisting educational and corporate organisations use e-learning /Moodle/Moodlerooms successfully!



Highly organised, a ‘starter finisher’

E-Learning development and programming

Moodle development, Moodlerooms (Blackboard) development




Instructional Design

Blended learning

Learning Management

Educational Technology



Content Creation



So, if you are interested in joining a micro company on the up. Please contact us and send your CV to