Thinking Inclusively at BbWorld 2018

Blog Post created by ca0054404 on Jul 13, 2018

We are a few days away from BbWorld 2018 and I'm excited to join everyone in Orlando for a variety of reasons.  One of the things I'm most excited about is the great set of sessions we have this year as part of the Fostering Inclusive Education track. 


If you have joined us the past few years at the conference, you know that there has been a growing conversation around accessibility and creating more inclusive learning environments for everyone.  The sessions next week in Orlando should be a great way to continue the discussion and provide a great chance to interface with others that have been leading the charge towards a more inclusive experience.  I wanted to take a moment to share a few highlights and opportunities for you to join in if you are able to attend next week.


Slow Your Roll: A System-wide Migration towards Inclusive Learning Environments (Tuesday 1 PM)


Case Study:  Our Path to Accessibility (Tuesday 2:10 PM)


Media Accessibility & the Promise of the Cloud (Wednesday 10:20 AM)


Blackboard Ally - Making Course Content Accessible (Wednesday 1:30 PM)


What’s in Your Inclusive Classroom Toolkit? (Wednesday 3:30 PM)


Creating an Accessible Campus Culture (Wednesday 4:40 PM)


Accessible Course Design for Faculty and Developers (Thursday 8:30 AM)


Improving Accessible Materials for the Success of Our Students (Thursday 11:30 AM)


Virtual Curb Cuts: Using Blackboard Learn Accessibility Features to Benefit Everyone (Thursday 1:30 PM)


Become a Blackboard Jedi:  Move Students with Only Your Mind and Universal Design for Learning (Thursday 3:30 PM)


SUNY Shoots, Ally Scores for 20+ SUNY Campuses (Thursday 3:30 PM)


Also, be sure to stop by the Ally Studio and meet the Ally team to check out some of the latest design work and provide your feedback.  The Ally team will be facilitating workshops and activities in the Ally Studio, located in the Community LIVE space, throughout the week.  Come by and say "Hi" or start a conversation and stay for some of the activities!


Don't forget to mark these sessions down in your app when you get to Orlando.  I look forward to seeing everyone next week!