Let your voice be heard!

Blog Post created by rm1892 on Apr 9, 2018

The Content Design team is continuously seeking ways to improve our help videos, and we would like to hear from you!


Who do we need?

Six to eight volunteers (preferably Instructors for this test, but others are encouraged to reach out for future testing) who would be willing to meet with us individually in a Collaborate session to take a look at and discuss a couple of short videos (~1 minute each) we’ve produced.


What are we testing?

We are testing specific elements in a few videos to gather feedback about how they impact viewer engagement levels. We are also looking for general feedback about how we can continue to improve our help videos.


When is this testing?

We will schedule the test at a time that is convenient to you during your normal business hours.


So what do you say? Are you in? If so, please email me directly if you can spare approximately 15-30 minutes to make our help videos better. Email to: Rob.Medinger@Blackboard.com.


Thank you,

Rob Medinger

Manager of Content Design