The value of hosting a student hackathon for Blackboard Learn

Blog Post created by smachaje on Apr 5, 2018

On April 14th, 2018, at the Allendale library of the Grand Valley State University, learners will compete in a hackathon focused on the Blackboard Learn web application. Invited are students from local high schools and colleges, as well as other learners of web technologies. The event is called hackGVSU. Registration is now open.


What is the value of running a hackathon? Why is Blackboard Learn the focus of this year’s event?


Tinkering is important to the design thinking process and to innovation. It is difficult to tinker with something unfamiliar. We may be afraid to break it. If we don’t know how something works, it’s is difficult to think about making it work better. Tinkering can be done with something familiar. As students take courses in high schools or colleges, they become familiar with a Learning Management System. They learn the value of the system and its business role. This is often their first experience with an enterprise web application.


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