Copyright notice for students in Blackboard courses

Blog Post created by smachaje on Mar 8, 2018

Copyright of intellectual property is a serious issue in academia.  Faculty often benefit from provisions such as Fair Use, but sometimes wish to put additional controls on how their own content is used.  This is especially important to the use of their content outside of class.  While freely available licensing tools, such as Creative Commons, are popular today, students may need a reminder of what is allowed and what is not allowed by the US law.  It so happens, that in the US we do not need to post any notifications about protection of copyright, because all authored work is automatically protected.  However, students may, through ignorance or omission, overstep author's permissions.  This is where a copyright notice in a course may be very helpful.


This video shows how to post a generic noticed in an existing course and also how to use Adaptive Release to require that students acknowledge what is allowed and what is not allowed before they access the course content.




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