Competency Versus Proficiency

Blog Post created by kb0051373 on Feb 21, 2018

cm.pngCompetency, defined, is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Proficiency is the degree of competence or expertise.  This clarification of the two can assist a trainer/instructor when determining how they will measure and/or assess learning objectives in a course of training. While some objectives may only require assessing a specific "Competency" level, some objectives may require a more detailed look at what level of proficiency the student has performed. 


Most often, I will set up a ResultPL.png Schema in Blackboard Learn for a "Go/No-Go" column to measure objectives where I am only assessing the student's competency.  For those areas where I need to measure their proficiency in the task, I will add an addition column with a Result Schema to show the level of proficiency performed.






For additional information on how I setup my Results Schemas in Blackboard Learn, please be on the lookout for my blog with the step-by-step instructions of feel free to comment!




Khadejah B.