Slightly Desperate: Where Did I Put My Assignments?

Blog Post created by helpneeded on Oct 6, 2017

I took a class through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Assignments were submitted through Blackboard.


The instructor received all the assignments I cut and pasted into Blackboard. The assignments I uploaded, however, seem not to have been received. I uploaded them somewhere on Blackboard. They were still there when I checked in June. (Now the entire course seems to be wiped). The teacher and the state say I didn't submit them. I know I did. I must have put them somewhere on Bb, but not in the right place. Does anyone know what I might have done? Wherever I put them had a "visible" setting.


The fact that my instructor never told me that I hadn't submitted these assignments is a non-Bb issue. I did received a letter 4 months after the class finished telling me I failed due to work not turned in.