[TechTrends] Online Course Design in Higher Education: A Review of National and Statewide Evaluation Instruments

Blog Post created by debbora.woods on Jul 11, 2017


I always get so excited when I come across terrific resources from our clients that I can share with our Blackboard Community! It's fun to shine the spotlight on YOU!

This week, I have the pleasure of highlighting this new paper by Sally Baldwin, Yu-Hui Ching, and Yu-Chang Hsu of Boise State University.

They've been conducting research on course design, evaluation instruments, evaluation tools, and quality of online education.


The following research questions guided their study:

  • What are the characteristics of the national and statewide evaluation instruments for online courses?
  • What do national and statewide evaluation instruments for online courses identify as common standards to guide design of online courses?
  • What are the unique features of the identified national and statewide evaluation instruments for online courses?


Their study provides an overview of six national and statewide online course design evaluation instruments and their unique features. The information they provide can help inform instructional designers and instructors of online courses about evaluation instruments available for improving online course quality. In addition, their study identifies a set of 12 essential standards that are present in all six national and statewide evaluation instruments.


I encourage you to get a copy of the paper for yourselves - especially if you design online courses.

Enjoy :-)



P.S. We were honored that they chose the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program and Rubric as one of their reference resources.