[eCampus News] 3 musts for creating a high-quality online course

Blog Post created by debbora.woods on May 2, 2017

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Have you seen this article in eCampus News?

It's targeted toward professors and curriculum specialists, providing three steps to building the high-quality online course today's learners demand. It was written by our very own Cheryl Cyrus, Principal Strategist, on the Blackboard Enterprise Consulting team. In her role, Cheryl provides expertise and support to clients on eLearning, competency-based education (CBE), and course design and development projects.


I encourage you to check out this article that covers these three main topics that will help you ensure a quality online learning experience for your students:

  1. Upfront Analysis - "The key is taking the time to get the upfront analysis accurate and work from it as everything else will be realized from it."
  2. Framework Mapping - "This conceptual approach will alleviate the cognitive overload that could result and transform into a poor outcome."
  3. Learner Experience - "There's no reason why the online learning experience can't be a s seamless as that enjoyed by traditional student in an on-campus setting."