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Click to view contentWe are happy to announce the availability of our new and improved Blackboard Partner Catalog! We transitioned the Extensions Catalog to now exist solely on our Blackboard Community site.    Why did we create the new Partner Catalog?  To provide an improved experience for our partners and clients To engage with the 15,000+ current members of the… (Show more)
We are looking at possibly setting up a 24/7 support for our users and wondered if any other universities had ones they recommend.  This support would extend out from just being Bb, including things like SIS.   Todd Grzegorczyk
Are there any blackboard building blocks that are available for math instructors to be able to graph math problems or are there other apps or services available?  I was just wondering what your instructors use.   Thank you.
Does anyone know if Blackboard or another ed tech tool has the following functionality: ensure that students only watch a video one time?    The idea to have students watch a 10 second video and describe what they see, simulating  how 10 people who witness a crime see 10 different things.    I believe snapchat has this functionality but I would… (Show more)
I've been working on a document to give us a snapshot of the feature differences between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra courses.   I thought this might be useful to the wider community, so thought i'd share it.   Comparison document   Obviously Ultra is a continually developing product, so whilst the intention is to keep this as… (Show more)
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If my students are working on a test, some of their questions disappear or don't lets them see it in full.  Is there any bug that we don't have identify yet? They are using Chrome and  iExplorer.
Hello,   Is there a simple list of Blackboard Learn features?   I've found lots of good information on, but not the straightforward list of features/functions I'm looking for.   Thanks,   Shane
Is there a way to identify the geographical location of a logged-in student? I am concerned about some students "outsourcing" their online activity.
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