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The end of September marked the first 3 months of my new role as Chief Client Officer and President of Global Markets. I’m thrilled by the progress we’re making as a company and wanted to share a few highlights of the past quarter as well as what we’re looking forward to in the last months of 2019.   First, I wanted to share a couple of our big… (Show more)
Hello! I imagine there are many Bb customers here who also actively use Microsoft O365 products on a daily basis.  One particular product that I've been intrigued by is Microsoft Teams, especially since it incorporates features like SIS integration for courses, as well as assignment and grading tools. Since there are many possible conflicts of… (Show more)
Hi All,   I am having some trouble with importing an existing test from Learn to Ultra. Can you please tell me if there is a way to do this and how to go about it?   Thanks. 
I am currently designing a rubric. I used the Percentage Range Option. I have included all the details. But I cannot go submit the final design because i am blocked by "A valid numeric value must be entered: Percent". Anyone has a solution? I have tried removing .00, I have added % with and without a space. not submitting.  thanks for any advice. 
I was wondering if anyone has a course review program (not affiliated with Exemplary Course/BB or QM) at their university.  We're contemplating having an opt-in program where the course is reviewed by an ID and IT person.  I would love to see other examples of how other schools may have implemented their own version to help faculty level up their… (Show more)
Asking for a faculty member - Two students in Calc are requesting a group change.  They had some issues with their group members or students have dropped the course.    Can we move people between groups without messing up their first group project grade?   I don’t want to touch anything for fear of messing up the first group grade.
UPDATE: The Google Chrome team is postponing the changes until version 80.   There isn't a release date for version 80 yet but based on their release cadence, it could be available in January.    On October 22, 2019, Google Chrome will release version 78 of Chrome to users which removes key functions that may impact a user’s ability to complete… (Show more)
Beginning this semester, Blackboard now automatically makes the left-had course menu automatically collapse every time I navigate to a new page (see video below.) There is nothing useful in this "feature," as screen size legibility has never been a problem for me; it actually increases my navigation time around the course because I keep having to… (Show more)
Okay, this is a bit of a weird query about something weird that is going on.   We've had an uptick in failed assignments being loaded into Blackboard. That is, we've got multiple examples of students trying to submit assignments which register as being attempted but do not arrive in a readable form.   When we check these files, they show as… (Show more)
I inherited a copy of an eLearn course from another instructor. We are having the students write a scientific paper in parts, with a section due each week, turned in on eLearn. There is a folder for each week, and in each folder is a link for the students to submit a section of the paper. For the next week, there is a column in the Gradebook for… (Show more)
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