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Am I the only one challenged to understand why the BOX grading tools debacle, and it is a debacle, continues not to be addressed? Am I the only one that feels like there has not been any sense of urgency or attention in this regard. As an educator, it feels like Blackboard has me held hostage by the lack of grading tools!   I have been a… (Show more)
As I wait for this morning's webinar, I thought I'd start a thread and see what others thought of the webinar content.
Click to view contentAnyone else encountering this same issue?   A lecturer just called me to report that while trying to grade student assignments. He clicked on the "Point annotation mode" icon But what happens next is that the system just loads the icon at where he clicked. There used to be a textbox where lecturers can type in text. This lecturer said that… (Show more)
New Box View commenting is behaving badly on Windows 10. Regardless of the browser, the comment window is very tall. (Not a problem on macOS).   Is anyone else seeing this?
...prior to the box update the Ipad Pro 2018 pencil worked just fine in Box, and I was able to quickly and efficiently grade papers. for some reason I'm not able to upload a video of it, but suffice it to say it is currently unusable. I'm working on a workaround, but I'm sure it will add a lot of unnecessary time to the grading process.
I'm in the middle of grading and I just discovered that a new update was pushed out of Box View that has gotten rid of the highlight feature! I use that all the time to make sure students know exactly what sentence I am commenting on. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a workaround or a way to go back?   EDIT: I have discovered that it's… (Show more)
Does anyone know what browsers work with the draw function on the new box view?  When I try Chrome with the latest update I get "annotation could not be created."  When I use Microsoft Edge it thinks the mouse movement is drawing so I get squiggles everywhere. I can't believe I'm saying this but so far Internet Explorer seems to be the only one… (Show more)
Hello all -   I am trying to find semo old assignments in an instructor's copied and new course shell.  The column still appears in the results center, and does not give me the option to delete, which I thought meant it is still somewhere in the course.  However, I cannot find it anywhere.  Does anyone know another way to search for these… (Show more)
Hi, Is there a way to export the Bb quiz into word? From the previous post, there is a JS hack building block for printing to word but the link is no longer valid. We cannot use the Respondus quiz creator as we do not have the license or the purchase the product.   You see, we need to export the Bb quiz to an e-assessment system which only… (Show more)
Does anyone know if Ally is checking for alt text on images in test questions/answers or discussion threads? Needing to use its analytics for course review, but not if it doesn't check tests and discussions.   Cheers, Krystal
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