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Hi!   One of our teachers have a course in agile project management and he wants to be able to teach as much of the course as possible in one place, ie. Blackboard.   I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has come across a good tool for Scrum boards, like Trello, with LTI support?
I have a question concerning Question Sets.   I have four sets of questions. There are 20 questions in each set. Is it possible to create a test in Blackboard, where one set is chosen, at random, and the entire chosen set is displayed, but none of the other sets?   For example if I have 20 questions in Set1, Set2, Set3 and Set4. Then Set2 is… (Show more)
I am trying to create a schema that would trigger a total column based on all assigments being completed. This is for a practicum course which is pass/fail. All assignments must be completed before a pass can be applied.   Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Tricia
Hello friends...   I just finished my FIRST year teaching last year as a vocational teacher.  So I am VERY new to teaching.  I am currently teaching two classes while using the same textbook.  My first class (Computer Technology I) goes through CH.1-10 and second class goes through CH. 11-20.  I struggled last year trying to create two separate… (Show more)
I have a design / course organization question regarding best practices when representing discussion forums in a course and would like to see what other people are doing:   In the past, our students have had to go to the "Discussions" content area to view and respond to discussion questions for a particular unit.  This necessitated that they leave… (Show more)
We work with a large course, hundreds of students, Blackboard 9.1. Those students are divided over more instructors within that course. So we know about use of groups or smart views and we know about notificationsettings for ‘Needs Grading’ . In this context we need a functionality where every instructor gets only those needs grading notifications… (Show more)
Are there any instructional designers that are also in the 2018-2019 ID2ID cohort?
We are a few days away from BbWorld 2018 and I'm excited to join everyone in Orlando for a variety of reasons.  One of the things I'm most excited about is the great set of sessions we have this year as part of the Fostering Inclusive Education track.    If you have joined us the past few years at the conference, you know that there has been a… (Show more)
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