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I hope the community can point me in the right direction. Several years ago at a Bb World presentation I attended a session where the university used a HTML web page as a landing page inside of an organization. It looked like and acted like a very nice web page and it was based in the content collection somehow. I have lost the slide deck and… (Show more)
Hello Everyone- It seems like everyone works the instructional design process a little bit differently. At my school we have been all over the place with the instructional design process. Early in the program we were more collaborative and then more recently we have been more hands on with implementing courses with faculty as the online program… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm looking for any examples of how course leaders/Institutions have tackled the online submission and marking/Feedback of handwritten mathematical coursework (pages of equation derivations).   Our Engineering Schools are keen to go to paperless submission and we're struggling to find a way that is efficient for both students and markers.… (Show more)
Let's build an Ultra (Saas) chatbot.  Are you willing to help?   We need to come up with questions and answers.  From there we will build a chatbot.  The bot will be used at many schools.  It's as easy as copy/paste HTML into Blackboard.   What do you say?   If you're up for the task, post a response with the code word: "singularity".
After a student paper has been graded and commented on by the instructor, is there a way for the student to download the marked-up paper? I see a download button with options to Download file and Download annotated PDF, but neither actually includes the instructor comments.
I am trying to access the grading logs of the teachers on my site for the entire year of 2018. Unfortunately, all of the logs within the system start on July 19th 2018. Is it possible to access the data from the 1st of the year until July 19th?
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Student outcomes are critical measurements of success for any institution. We know that students perform better when they are engaged with the course materials, but in many cases, the cost of textbooks is a hindrance. How can institutions help provide high quality instructional material at an affordable price?   In this webinar, you will learn how…
Hi~~   I've been an instructor in the "old" Coursesites for many years, and I want to start the process of moving my courses over to the new site. I registered on the new site and got a notification that I'd be receiving an email.   In fact, I did not receive an email, and the "go here for help" page was utterly confusing and unhelpful.   What… (Show more)
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