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So, it looks like Blackboard is having a clear-out of older and less-used tools - after yesterday's announcement that Blackboard Open Content would be discontinued from 31st December 2019, I've read today that the Social Learning Tools are also being dropped as of this date - see . … (Show more)
Reminder: Effective December 31, 2019, the Social Learning Tools and Cloud Profile features of Blackboard Learn will no longer be available. As a part of our commitment to delivering a Learning Management System of the highest quality, feature areas are periodically evaluated to determine their suitability to support our clients' academic… (Show more)
Hello, I was wondering what happens if you leave a column (this column is part of how the grade for the Weighted Total is being computed) for a student empty? Would it act the same as exempting the column? Or does the percentage of this column disperse to the rest of the other columns being used?
We are starting to plan for a late spring rollout of Ultra (some instructors are using it already, but 98% of the campus still uses original). I wanted to get your opinion on why people should switch to Ultra; the Blackboard Ultra marketing materials provided to us are vague and honestly won’t work with the majority of the campus – “simple” and… (Show more)
I am giving an incentive for attendance in my class (1% for 90% attendance, .5% for 80% attendance) that is extra credit - to just add to their overall average.  If I create a column to enter the extra percentage, is there a way to create a column to add the students' weighted average for the class and that extra amount?
I'm just discovering the joy of Achievements and, although I think I know the answer to this, was wondering if there was a way for students to view all of their achievements across all courses?  It's not such an issue for our staff achievements as we just have one big CPD course with everything contained within it, but I really think students… (Show more)
Happy Thanksgiving, all!   I've found so much help in our community, and see how people are so enthusiastic to help others.  I appreciate you!
Since September 2015 I have been running a research project looking at the relationship between lecture attendance, the use of lecture recordings, and student achievement. To monitor the use of recordings, all Kaltura recordings that were uploaded had statistics tracking enabled so that we could determined how long after the live lecture the… (Show more)
I have two students who need me to extend the due date for a homework assignment.  How do I do this in Blackboard?
Hi, I am looking for any information, ideas, or help about formatting Course Messages. We are on managed hosting, using Original Blackboard Learn - Release 3500.0.6-rel.16+7744aa6.   I have an instructor who asked me why Course Messages removes the line spacing after a message is sent. After an afternoon of testing, here is what I discovered.  … (Show more)
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