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Announcement 1 [BITS] Cars, Culinary, and Coding: Applied Learning Supported by Blackboard
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I asked this the other  day, and now have no IDEA how to find it. I need to know how to set up a discussion board.
Good morning! I had a faculty member visit me yesterday to get help with Google Docs and PaperPile. I'm looking for someone who is familiar with PaperPile and interacting with that tool, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.
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The organization I support is new to Bb and is small so they currently have two instructional designers building all the courses using a couple of standard templates. As they expand, they are considering letting instructors personalize the courses they teach, but are afraid of the instructors running amok. What are some suggestions or best… (Show more)
Alexa, enable Bb Community. Alexa, give me the news.   It's that easy to listen to the new questions that are being asked in the Bb Community system.  Listen to your own question spoken by Alexa, you may discover how others are seeing it.  Did you explain your problem well?  Does it still make sense?  The wonders of our mind sometimes lead us to… (Show more)
We were wondering if any other institutions experience this challenge, and if so, how you deal it?   Challenge: We have an a few special users that have administrative oversight to all of the faculty's courses in our Learn. Solution: We created a user role for them that gives read access to all the courses in the system. Side Effects: These… (Show more)
Problems with Box View - my colleague was able to view docx files in Box View yesterday in her office and at home in order to annotate them. Today some of them will not open in Box View.  Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a solution?   We have tried switching browsers, rebooting the computer. deleting history, etc.   She is… (Show more)
Ian Holder
Hello wise Educators,   Do any of you use Smart Sparrow?  And are you able to transfer grades/marks from assessments within Smart Sparrow to Blackboard's Grade Centre?   Just sounding out the possibilities...  We have "hacked" [with Blackboard's blessing] GC somewhat to cater for our own assessments, and not sure if this prevents us doing this… (Show more)
Hi.  I have an odd 80 students undertaking a weekly quiz of 10 random questions from a question pool.  From student feedback, I'm having 1 student every week or 2 tell me that either: The quiz crashed during execution, or At completion, the quiz didn't record the whole score, or During the quiz, when picking and answer on the screen, another… (Show more)
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