• Hierarchies

    Has anyone had much luck in adding a module to a node within Hierarchies?   In one scenario, I have managed to set up a node where only 4 courses get access to a certain tool, it took a bit of digging and testin...
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  • Custom Language packs

    Hello all   Has anyone gone through the arduous task of changing the wording from My Marks to My Grades at all?  This was an update pushed out by BB to facilitate users who preferred the term My Marks and t...
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  • Persistent orientation spaces as Blackboard course rooms?

    Hello!   We have orientation course rooms on Blackboard that contain program specific information but that do not exist in our SIS (Banner). We have been handling user enrollment for those orientation cours...
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  • Can I import Goals with an Excel file?

    Running SaaS with Ultra Base Navigation.  Is it possible to import a Goals file with Excel?  I found the instructions for using XML, but this is out of my wheel house.
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  • Is anyone integrated with Destiny Solutions?

    Is anyone integrated with Destiny Solutions?
    created by kh0069155
  • Learn 3rd Party Building Blocks & Java 11 Readiness

    To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK.  To find details regarding the targeted versions and...
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  • What's the syntax for "custom parameters" within a Partner Cloud configuration?

    We are trying to configure LinkedIn Learning for the first time, and would like to configure it to use both LTI and SAML authentication (to accommodate both Blackboard and non-Blackboard users).   LinkedIn Learn...
    created by miquintero
  • Announcements:  Date Restricted, Email Announcement

    Hi This Blackboard Help page says,   "If you set an announcement to appear in the future and choose to send an email announcement, emails are sent only to students who were in your course at that time". &#...
    created by dlcheseldine
  • Inline Assignment Grading Update: August 2019

    Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far in next year's Technical Preview.  I've have captured everyone's name who have emailed me directly, through Support or posted a note in the June update...
    created by juliahakes
  • Will Collaborate Ultra Create Session have an Automatic Record Option Soon?

    Our institution has scheduled online sessions that require recording.  Information Technology department creates these sessions and needs option to automatic record that is available in Collaborate Original. ...
    created by bh25699
  • Automated testing for cumulative updates/upgrades.

    Hi there,   We've been approached by our test analysts to look at automating the testing for the Blackboard cumulative updates/upgrades?    Has anyone out there managed to automate testing? ...
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  • Detailed student login info

    How can I get detailed student login information?  I need to know when a student logged in, and what he did, if this is possible.  I ran the reports that showed how much time he was logged in, and the report...
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  • Separate Organization for Academic Advisers

    I am trying to find a way for students to interact with academic advisers.  Ideally, I would like for it to be through an organization, but I don’t want it to show up as an organization with all the student...
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  • Disable course enrollment in Blackboard when enrollment disappears in SIS

    We use SIS Framework processing to create users, enrollment, courses, etc. in our Blackboard environment.  We had a Blackboard consultant work out a custom enrollment process for course drops/course changes by im...
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  • Unique ID in Goals - How to edit?

    I am creating Goals and I need to change the Unique ID in one of my parent goals.  It lets me edit everything but this field.  I don't want to delete and redo because I have many child goals already entered....
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  • Organisations

    Hello there   Does anyone use the Qwickly attendance LTI for organisations? We currently have it set up for courses but when we try and create a new link in an organisation, we get the tool has been disabled by ...
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  • Discussion Extra Credit with Rubric

    Apologies if this is not the correct place for this. I have an instructor who has a rubric for his discussion forums. He wants to award students who have exceptional posts with extra points, so he set up a column...
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  • Achievement Badges Publish to Mozilla Issues

    After earning an Achievement Badge and selecting Publish to Mozilla, receiving an error "We have encountered the following problem. Remote assertion must match local assertion.  You didn't add any open badges to ...
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  • Transferring a badge to Mozilla backpack?

    Has anyone ever gotten the error that this achievement has not been earned - when trying to transfer a badge to Mozilla backpack? The students can see that they've earned the badge and they hit the "publish" badge to ...
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  • York Data Source Key Tool B2 and JDK 11 Compatiblity

    Does anyone know if the York Data Source Key Tool Building block version 2.2.2 is compatible with JDK 11 Corretto? We currently have this building block installed on SaaS with the Ultra experience enabled. We are aski...
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