• Editing Group Set Membership Resets all Group Discussion Forum Names

    https://blackboard.secure.force.com/btbb_articleview?id=kA3390000008aBXCAY&cid=5003900001xZHX8AAO   Anyone knows if this issue has been resolved? we are on Saas Release 3700.14.0-rel.9+dce67da and users are...
    created by lwl2
  • Anonymous marking

    Hello there We are looking at trialing out the anonymous marking feature of turnitin, however, we don't want it in the live system yet, we want to test it on our staging server but apparently we need to have it enabl...
    created by eb0071065
  • What happened to the Course ID in the Course Menu?

    It has been brought to my attention by an instructor that the Course ID is no longer showing with the Course Name in the Course Menu upon entering an Original Course View course.  I need this back and I don't fin...
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  • Announcements:  Date Restricted, Email Announcement

    Hi This Blackboard Help page says,   "If you set an announcement to appear in the future and choose to send an email announcement, emails are sent only to students who were in your course at that time". &#...
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  • Announcement emails, future date?

    We are running Ultra in SaaS.  In Original Course View, if an instructor sets an announcement to appear on a future date and checks the "Email Announcement" box, will the students receive the email on the future ...
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  • Institutional Hierarchy Nodes Restrict Remove node

    We are setting up institutional Hierarchy and I am trying to find a way to restrict node admins from removing a node from courses. I found the permission that disallows this inside of institutional hierarchy but they ...
    created by hd35399
  • In search of: Your best Grade Center advice!

    We've got customers new to Learn - and I know many of you have been working with Learn for years! I'm looking for your best tips, tricks, gotchas, FYIs to include in a “Grade Center Cheat Sheet”. My goal...
  • Anyone worried about transitioning from Collaborate Original to ULTRA

    I have a a elementary school online for students around the world and we have been using Blackboard Collaborate original and I hear that ULTRA will be the ONLY available option next year. I am concerned about how many...
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  • Searchable Wiki's in Blackboard Learn?

    Hello!  We are looking for a searchable repository solution either within Blackboard Learn (SaaS) or using SSO through Blackboard Learn that ideally feels like a single solution.   This solution will contai...
    created by harry.cargile
  • LinkedIn Learning integration breaks with custom language pack

    Hi all,   We have been testing LinkedIn Learning's (LiL) new integration via Partner Cloud, and ran into a pretty sizable roadblock that intersects our use of a custom language pack.  See the Known Issue he...
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  • best way to add mp4 files to web site

    How do I add a video to my multimedia gallery?
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  • Anyone know a way to hide the blackboard Total Column in the Grade Centre System Wide?

    We use various assessment tools and integrations. The Blackboard Total Column is always visible to students by default. This keeps catching out academic staff as often these are also hidden from instructor view. We wo...
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  • Qwickly LTI

    Hello there Does anyone use the Qwickly LTI attendance tool and if so, are you having issues. With small groups we seem to be ok however with larger groups, over 75 students, we are seeing that when the students are...
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  • All Courses Visible in Ultra Base Navigation

    At our institution, all programmes, modules and instances of modules in our Student Record System have a Blackboard course area automatically created for them. Most course areas remain hidden and unused, while those t...
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  • When will Journal support be added to the Bb Student app?

    We've just launched the Bb Student app; being a bit late to the mobile party we've gone straight for Bb Student instead of using Mobile Learn to avoid any future changes, and whilst we like the app and the way the cur...
    last modified by chrisboon
  • Default assignment settings

    From the next academic year onwards, it will be compulsory for tutors at York College to ensure all their assignments go through Blackboard (within reason) and I was wondering if there was any way I could pre-set assi...
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  • B2 to display a different unique URL from a file for every student on their Bb home page.

    Our Assessment office wants to survey specific students and use Blackboard as a way to distribute the survey. I'm picturing a module on the homepage that checks an uploaded file against usernames in Blackboard and dis...
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  • Want to help with Bb Ultra Chatbot?

    I'm looking for collaborators on a chatbot to answer faculty and student questions about Bb Ultra. We commonly use FAQ to communicate answers, but many chatbots allow live interaction during office hours and AI during...
    last modified by smachaje
  • Google Assignments LTI

    Has anyone had any luck attaching files from Google Drive in the new Assignments LTI?   We're in the process of testing the Google Assignments LTI but it's not behaving as we expected/ would like it to.  &#...
    last modified by ryan_king
  • SQL query for assignments and tests

    Hello!   I´m looking for a way to identify all courses (course_id or batch_uid) that have an assignment or a test in them. I have looked up the tables "dbo.course_contents" and "dbo.course_assessment", but...
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