• Ally for Blackboard

    Do any of your institutions use Ally for Blackboard?  If so, how helpful are the reporting features?  Does anyone use a different service that provides a similar service?   Thanks, Steve
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  • Where to get a SIGN-UP Building Block

    We are looking for a "Sign-up" / scheduler" building block or tool for our Blackboard Learn 9.1 2019-Q2 environment.  Does anyone know if something is available and if so how/where do I get it?   Thank...
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  • Where is attendance stored for Self-Hosted Blackboard Learn

    Our institution currently has Attendance enabled on a self-hosted instance of Blackboard Learn.  We're trying to determine where this information is stored on the self-hosted database.  Does anyone know wher...
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  • What web browser are you using?

    Hello my fellow Bb System Admins!   I'm sure this questions always comes up when trouble shooting an issue "What web browser are you using?" . As you know even though Bb claims that all web browsers work with Bl...
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    Is there a way to incorporate CAPTCHA in Blackboard's login page?
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  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1

    Does anyone know the correct way to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and what the correct and most up to date ciphers are to use? Or SHOULD TLS 1.0 and 1.1 be disabled?   We are running Q2 2019 CU4 (Release 3700.0.4-rel....
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  • SMS integration with Blackboard

    A group of people on campus have begun talking about the use of texting as a natural form of communication with students in "Generation Z". While we've set up SMS Notifications in Blackboard (https://help.blackbo...
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  • LTI Naming conventions

    Hello    Some of you may use LTI's in BB for the likes of Ally and qwickly, however does anyone have a way of identifying which link goes to were? In our SQL data base connection, we can only see  this...
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  • Is the "Default" authentication provider hanging for anybody else?

    We have noticed, without much pattern, that accounts authenticating via the "Default" authentication provider can occasionally take up to minutes or more to get past the login screen.  While "Default" is currentl...
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  • Student Overview For Single Course

    I have an instructor asking why the student time in the course is different that the student activity by item in the course when running the Student Overview for Single Course.  Does anyone know why when the repo...
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  • Notification Settings

    Are instructors/admins able to turn off notifications for a course so that students do not receive system generated notifications? or is it up to individual users to modify their settings to not receive the notificati...
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  • Test questions and submit button

    Do I have the ability to find out if a student failed to answer multiple choice test questions?  The student claims to have answered them, but the instructor found them not answered.  The student claims that...
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  • IntelliBoard on Saas

    Hello, We're trying to get IntelliBoard to work after moving from MH to SaaS. Every time there is a CD to either Staging or Prod IntelliBoard's B2 goes Corrupt. Has anyone else had this issue and what was the fix? ...
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  • Viewing .HEIC files in the Grade Center

    Has anyone had students upload images through the Bb App with the new iPhone as a .HEIC file format?  The Box Viewer in the Grade Center is not compatible to view it.  I can save the file to my Mac...
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  • Blackboard Learn to Ultra, Migration/Upgrade Path

    Considering a scenario where there is a customer with a courses in Blackboard Learn 9.1 instance and wishes to migrate/upgrade to Blackboard Ultra in future.   Here I would like to know and understand t...
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  • Individual student course availability

    Every semester, I have to make courses available to individual students who were assigned an Incomplete.  There must be a better way to do this than what I've been doing.  I make the course available, then g...
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  • Ellucian ILP grade submission and deactivated student grades

    Do any schools who use ILP also deactivate their students who drop classes. Currently this causes students to not be visible in the gradebook. We are looking into adopting ILP and are curious if the grade submission f...
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  • Flash End of Life in 2020 & SCORM

    My understanding is that to create SCORM packages that report into the Bb grade centre they need to be published as SCORM 1.2; this requires Flash meaning that packages don't work on mobile devices (edit: this was tes...
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  • Blackboard Guest User Accessing LTI Links

    Hi Folks,   We had a query a couple of weeks back from a tutor who noticed that the Blackboard guest user accessing their 3rd party tool which is linked to from Blackboard Learn using LTI.  Having a closer...
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  • Open JDK

    So is everyone ready for the move to 3800? Just been looking at the list and there are a few for us that stand out, Panopto, Turnitin and Reading lists. The first two I an waiting on the vendor themselves for that up...
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