• Causes for mass "Manual Logout" events?

    We're a SaaS customer running Release 3700.0.2-rel.36+fbf2221, authenticating users using AD through both LDAP and SAML. For over two weeks at approximately 5:40 PM until 5:42 PM the Blackboard authentication log reco...
    created by jh0043189
  • Administering the Institutional Hierarchy in Ultra

    Would it be possible to ask those using Blackboard Ultra, has there been any improve to the interface for Administering Institutional Hierarchy or is it as inspiring as it is in Original?     ...
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  • My Grades

    Hello there   Has anyone noticed the My Grades has changed to My Marks at all? There isn't a fix as such but there is a work around which basically involves tweaking a language pack then uploading this as a cust...
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  • Course Archiving

    We manually archive courses one by one and I was wondering what other institutions do.  We archive a course, download it and then move the downloaded .zip file to a campus file server.  This happens each sem...
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  • BBSTATS DB Cleanup

    I attended the DevCon session titled "Database GPS-Finding Answers to Reporting Questions" presented by Jeff Boulier. During this session, I asked about clearing out old records from the activity_accumulator in the BB...
    created by brian.bealer
  • Browse Cloud Storage button not working (Blackboard Learn)

    System: Self-Hosted, Learn Q4 2018 CU6   The Browse Cloud Storage button doesn't do anything when clicked on in Chrome. Looking at the inspector in Chrome, I get the following error:   Uncaught DOMExceptio...
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  • Default Course Notification settings

    In a SaaS deployment, with Original course view, how do I adjust the default course notification settings?  The instructions I found on BtB say:   "On the Administrator Panel in the Cour...
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  • Archive Restore

    I am wondering if anyone has a good solution for restoring archives without a live Blackboard instance. Coursesites doesn't seem to work.   Would love to see what anyone else out there is doing if anything>
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  • Ideas for Course Creation / Organization

    Is anyone using the "parent-child" option to connect rosters and grade books with course shells?  I am trying to figure out how I want to re-organize my course creation / setup.  Right now I do it in about t...
    created by jp0070740
  • Statistics reports - automatic?

    I have been tasked to run the Multi-course User Participation Report daily.  Is there a way to tell Bb to run this every day, without having to remember to go in and manually "run" it?
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  • Is there a way to disable Browse Cloud Storage?

    Hello My fellow System Admins,   Is there a way to disable the "Browse Cloud Storage" option in Assignments. I had an instructor contact us that her students were submitting their documents to the drop box assig...
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  • Transferring a badge to Mozilla backpack?

    Has anyone ever gotten the error that this achievement has not been earned - when trying to transfer a badge to Mozilla backpack? The students can see that they've earned the badge and they hit the "publish" badge to ...
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  • Any Idea how to hide a Bb course link in portal site with out "Disabling"

    Hello My fellow System admins,   Our institution uses Colleague and our workflow is ILP. Now our faculty and students access Bb through their portal site. Once they click on the link to their courses it redirect...
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  • Banner Integration for Elearning LIS 2.0 with Blackboard

    Does anyone else use Banner Integration for Elearning with blackboard for importing users/courses/enrollments?  We currently do however I have noticed that not all of our enrollments seem to get mapped up and can...
    last modified by hd35399
  • Learn 2016 Theme Styling Issues

    I'm running into a couple of issues when styling our Bb instance using the 2016 Theme. First issue is in the course menu . Whenever a link is clicked on, a border (or possibly outline?) shows up around the link, but o...
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  • Enterprise Survey Clean up

    Hi,   We have rollout the Enteprise Survey for all School/faculty since few years back but had never done the clean up.    I notice it's quite tedious to delete one by one from the GUI as there is no o...
    created by es0056001
  • Skipping SAML End SSO Page

    Hi All,   We create SAML provider in our BlackBoard to allow users to be authenticated by another IDP provider and it is successfully authenticating the users but the problem comes when the user try to logout,...
    last modified by halhaidary
  • Student Detailed Report & Reference Key

    Good morning,    I'm new to this site and I was looking to see if there is anything in regards to viewing student detailed reports when a professor wants to know if a student took a quiz or exam and the stu...
    last modified by jg0079119
  • Is there a way to copy content into multiple exisitng courses?

    I need to find a way to add a grading schema to multiple courses. This is in addition to, and not a replacement of, the default grading schema. In addition, the courses already exist and have been modified, so I need ...
    created by rw0055666
  • Institution Page Analytics

    We just recently moved from Ultra Based Navigation on SaaS.  By far, my favorite aspect of UBN is the new Institution page.  It's been a big hit with faculty and students at the college.  However, I hav...
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