• Blackboard Drive (Xythos client) EOL

    Article 000050118 says Blackboard Xythos is no longer being supported after December 31st 2019.  Are there any alternatives to Blackboard Drive?  A majority of our Faculty use Blackboard Drive to update thei...
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  • Safe HTML policy

    Hello there   We have had issues where a student has had issues uploading to her journal tool, after some working with blackboard it was discovered that the issue was to do with the safe html policy, i had to ad...
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  • Is there any order how SafeAssignment submissions are processed?

    I have instructors asking if there is an order of how SafeAssign submissions are processed. If you look at the below image, submissions from much earlier (Mon, Dec 02, 2019, 11:55 AM) are still in process after a lo...
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  • Blackboard and MyOpenMath Integration?

    Hello!   We have several online courses that use MyOpenMath (MoM) as a homework management platform. An integration exists that allows MoM assignments to launch within Blackboard and for grades to be passed to t...
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  • Can I restore a deleted course?

    If someone deletes a course accidentally, and needs to restore it, how do I go about requesting a previous version of this course?  We are using SaaS Ultra.
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  • flat files format

    how i can create format for EXTERNAL COURSE KEY in course flat file
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  • announcements are not being seen by the student's. This is going on in 2 classes any work around

    I have a instructor send me a ticket with this.     I emailed the class, and also myself through announcements, and it did not go to my junk email or out to any of the student's. We were going to be wo...
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  • SCORM option for Highest Grade Attempt in Grade Center

    Greetings fellow Blackboard Admins,   Our Instructional Design Team is working on building out new SCORM packages created via Articulate.   I notice that the only options on the Blackboard side&#...
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  • Ultra Notifications

    How long do notifications stick around in the Activity Stream?   Are notifications recoverable after they have been dismissed?
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  • When will Journal support be added to the Bb Student app?

    We've just launched the Bb Student app; being a bit late to the mobile party we've gone straight for Bb Student instead of using Mobile Learn to avoid any future changes, and whilst we like the app and the way the cur...
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  • SIS Data Integration for Course Description in Ultra?

    In Details & Actions in Ultra, selecting Course Description currently displays out course ID and course name:   We have been asked by some of our staff if we can add a more student-friendly course des...
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  • Get statistics on feedback to learner and box usage

    We ran a campaign to promote inline grading this year as part of our paperless drive initiative, and we would like get some usage data to assess how is the adoption https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Assign...
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  • Qwickly LTI

    Hello there Does anyone use the Qwickly LTI attendance tool and if so, are you having issues. With small groups we seem to be ok however with larger groups, over 75 students, we are seeing that when the students are...
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  • From-address on notifications?

    Hi!   Anyone else on SaaS that can help me with an issue we have regarding the from address. On the notification e-mails (examplified by "Daily Notifications" below) the from address is a very ugly amazonaw...
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  • Flash End of Life in 2020 & SCORM

    My understanding is that to create SCORM packages that report into the Bb grade centre they need to be published as SCORM 1.2; this requires Flash meaning that packages don't work on mobile devices (edit: this was tes...
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  • Is Anyone Else Having Issues with Undelivered Emails Sent from the Grade Center?

    Hi there! I was wondering if you all can help me? We are a SaaS client. For the past several months (more than 6), I have been getting reports from faculty that emails that they send to students are not always being d...
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  • What happened to the Course ID in the Course Menu?

    It has been brought to my attention by an instructor that the Course ID is no longer showing with the Course Name in the Course Menu upon entering an Original Course View course.  I need this back and I don't fin...
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  • TLS 1.0 and 1.1

    Does anyone know the correct way to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and what the correct and most up to date ciphers are to use? Or SHOULD TLS 1.0 and 1.1 be disabled?   We are running Q2 2019 CU4 (Release 3700.0.4-rel....
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  • Google Assignments LTI

    Has anyone had any luck attaching files from Google Drive in the new Assignments LTI?   We're in the process of testing the Google Assignments LTI but it's not behaving as we expected/ would like it to.  &#...
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  • Goals Best Practices

    Hello, I am looking for a way to set up goals correctly and use more robustly.  Currently the goals that had been previously set up are all listed under one goal set, Institutional Assessments> three categori...
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