• Impersonate B2 with SaaS

    Anyone using the Impersonate building block by USF with SaaS or know if it is compatible. We use the B2 a lot and are about to migrate to SaaS.
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  • Show us your... Blackboard accessibility statement

    You will probably have heard of the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies w...
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  • Anyone still self-hosted or managed-hosted?

    Just curious to see how many people still aren't on SaaS
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  • Batch enrollment constituency

    Need some help with non SIS integrated batch enrollments.  The .csv file we use has a column for Course Role customized as the acronym JSOU.  However, after we run through the batch process it defaults ...
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  • My Grades

    Hello there   Has anyone noticed the My Grades has changed to My Marks at all? There isn't a fix as such but there is a work around which basically involves tweaking a language pack then uploading this as a cust...
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  • Causes for mass "Manual Logout" events?

    We're a SaaS customer running Release 3700.0.2-rel.36+fbf2221, authenticating users using AD through both LDAP and SAML. For over two weeks at approximately 5:40 PM until 5:42 PM the Blackboard authentication log reco...
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  • Is it possible to calculate Weighting based on the student's grade, in the Grade Center?

    Greetings!   I have been asked a question by one of our faculty, and am not sure if this is something that the Grade Center can be used to calculate. The question (and examples) are below:    "I have 3...
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  • Show us your ... Learn Ultra Login Page

    Disclaimer: this is in no way derivative or inspired by other "Show us your ..." discussions created in the community.  (I think original credit for these "show us your" discussions goes to Chris Boon from&#...
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  • Fixing that pesky Learn Ultra login page logo issue

    I take no credit for the content of this blog post. The work involved here is all Santiago Vanegas and going forward I'm going to get him to write his own blog posts with these nuggets in.   One of the things w...
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  • Administering the Institutional Hierarchy in Ultra

    Would it be possible to ask those using Blackboard Ultra, has there been any improve to the interface for Administering Institutional Hierarchy or is it as inspiring as it is in Original?     ...
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  • Quick Enroll Not Working for Admins in Chrome Version 76

    Also posted this on the Bb ListServ but thought I would share here too:   We have discovered that all admin users are not able to quick enroll in courses when Google Chrome is automatically updated to version 76...
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  • Everything you wanted to know about announcements but were afraid to ask

    We had some feedback from teaching staff that they worry about what will happen in different circumstances when posting announcements e.g. will an email be sent if I edit the announcement, what happens if I make the a...
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  • Course Archiving

    We manually archive courses one by one and I was wondering what other institutions do.  We archive a course, download it and then move the downloaded .zip file to a campus file server.  This happens each sem...
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  • BBSTATS DB Cleanup

    I attended the DevCon session titled "Database GPS-Finding Answers to Reporting Questions" presented by Jeff Boulier. During this session, I asked about clearing out old records from the activity_accumulator in the BB...
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  • CAS Authentication Initial Log In Screen

    I have configured CAS Authentication on a Q4 2016 CU3 Test Server. Initial Log In Screen shows Username, Password, and 'Sign in with third-party account'. What to change in configuration for Initial Log In Screen to...
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  • Excel online previewer in Box

    Hello, It seems that Box has announced a new feature for previewing Excel files. Is this feature going to be available in inline grading? Excel Online Previewer - Box    Thanks,  Hengameh#
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  • Inline Grading and New Box View Update: June 2019

    As I mentioned in my May blog post, we will be replacing the New Box View experience for Inline Assignment grading for both the Original and Ultra experiences.  If you haven't read my previous post...
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  • Browse Cloud Storage button not working (Blackboard Learn)

    System: Self-Hosted, Learn Q4 2018 CU6   The Browse Cloud Storage button doesn't do anything when clicked on in Chrome. Looking at the inspector in Chrome, I get the following error:   Uncaught DOMExceptio...
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  • Default Course Notification settings

    In a SaaS deployment, with Original course view, how do I adjust the default course notification settings?  The instructions I found on BtB say:   "On the Administrator Panel in the Cour...
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  • Using Safari to Archive and Export

    When creating an archive or export of a course in Safari on a MacBook, the function appears to work, until the email shows up and there is no file attached.   Has anyone else experienced this?   I had a sim...
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