• Caliper questions on Q4 2016 Test Instance

    I am getting Telemetry for Caliper initially setup via MH for our test environment which has Q4 2016 on it.   Article No.: 000043224 references several Caliper profiles and it mentions needing to have an event s...
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  • Message on test register about access violation

    While doing testing for meal plans in the upcoming fall term 2019, I have a register setup connected to our test server. I have the card configured related to a meal plan that involves 'retail combo,' or meal purchase...
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  • Q2 2019 upgrade

    I have a window to update Blackboard on our self-hosted environment on the 20 July 2019.   I've always upgraded to the latest edition of Blackboard Learn on that day and it's been very straight forward and I've ...
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  • Show us your course template!

    Similar to Chris Boon's ‘Show us your Blackboard’ post, I was hoping some of you might be kind enough to share some screenshots of your course templates. We’ve been inspired by speakers we’ve s...
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  • Lynda.com Upgrading to LinkedIn Learning

    Just saw this document:   https://blackboard.secure.force.com/btbb_articleview?id=kA01O000000xUPs   It's timely because we're in the middle of our Lynda.com to LinkedIn Learning upgrade. Things are "smooth...
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  • Updated: Changes to Java JDK and impact to Building Blocks in Learn SaaS

    Updated 18 July 2019   To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 JDK. Our new target for adopting Java...
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  • 2016 Theme - My Bb, Logout

    Where do we change the colors of the My Blackboard and Logout areas in the header (2016 theme)? We have found everything else, just not these. We have an image displaying in the header to make it green, but it isn't s...
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  • DDA Enrollment Query Displays Child Enrollments in Parent Courses.

    Hi everyone! I have a DDA query (shown below) I’ve been using to capture enrollments and last access data. We’ve found an issue with how this displays enrollments from crosslisted/merged courses. Enrollmen...
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  • How do you handle "cross-listed" or "merged" courses?

    We're trying to rethink how we handle these unique sections. In our current setup, we do all of the cross-listed/merged sections on the registrar's side, and then the newly-combined course is pushed to Blackboard like...
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  • Blackboard App and Turnitin Update: Displaying Tii Due Dates

    Note: this post only applies to institutions using Turnitin.   I wanted to provide the community with an update around displaying Turnitin due dates in the Blackboard app. We really appreciate all the feedback ...
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  • Looking for a learning object repository

    We are looking for a learning object repository that can integrate with Blackboard to store  content in a manner that can be searched meaningfully (perhaps with keywords/metadata). Something similar to ...
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  • Monitoring Uptime for SafeAssign and New Box View

    The site status.blackboard.com allows us to see the status of Bb products. We want to provide a one-stop place for our students and staff to go to check on all elements of our University.  We are currently d...
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  • Achievements/badges in Ultra view courses

    Hi,   I'm working with a tutor who's running a pilot with the Ultra view on a course and would like to provide some incentive to engage via a digital badge (under Original view would have been via Achievements)....
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  • Job Opportunity for Online Learning Systems Specialist

    Job Opportunity for Online Learning Systems Specialist at California Baptist University, Riverside, CA. View the job description at https://lnkd.in/g3wQ4Mh.
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  • Applying "Adaptive Release" principles to course availability (on an individual level)

    Greetings!   A colleague who is designing a series of self-paced courses reached out to me recently, and asked if it was possible to set up an "Adaptive Release" like structure, so that when a student completes ...
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  • Bb Ultra Customizations, ¿what do we want?

    During the presentation Matthew Deeprose, Sam Cole and I did at TLC last week in Newcastle (thanks to all that attended, by the way), one person in the audience raised the question: "What about Ultra? What can we...
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  • Bb Support Admin/ISD position in D.C.

    Blackboard Support Admin/Instructional Designer position open on-site at Catholic University in D.C. Entry level, primary focus on system admin - testing, reporting, integrations, course merges, bulk enrolls. Secondar...
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  • Show us your Institution Page!!

    Disclaimer: this is in no way derivative or inspired by other "Show us your ..." discussions created in the community. (I think original credit for these "show us your" discussions goes to Chris Boon from City Colle...
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  • accessing SOAP web services on SAAS/Ultra smoke servers

    Hello,   I was given 60-days' access to partner-smoke-test-a.blackboard.com and partner-smoke-test-b.blackboard.com. My main concern is whether the web services and LTI would still work as desired, so that's my ...
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  • Transitioning from Mobile Learn to Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Apps

    The following message was posted today on Behind the Blackboard. Please feel free to add any comments or questions here. Transitioning from Mobile Learn to the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor appsEffective today...
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