• Community Logo Design

    We are finalizing our design for Community t-shirts and we're having a hard time deciding between the below two designs! Click on each image to see the full photo and please vote for which you prefer!
    created by marissa.dimino
  • When do you make courses available to students?

    Customers often ask us: when do other schools make classes available to students?
  • Which Bb mobile app do your students use?

    Let us know which Blackboard mobile app you have enabled for students to access Learn on the go.
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  • Self Hosted Options

    I'm just trying to figure out how many people are self-hosting on these systems. Our institution is on windows server (server 2012 R2 actually). I get the sense that self-hosting is a dwindling percentage of overall u...
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  • Ultra integration with Moodle & Recordings Poll

    Does your school use the Moodle Plugin for Collaborate Ultra AND record their sessions?
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