• UIC Learn 2016 Theme

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  • Community T-Shirt Design Contest

        If you have any questions, please either email community@blackboard.com or message me directly on the Community Site (Marissa Dimino). I look forward to seeing the creativity our Community has to share! ...
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  • Bb Student One Pager

    We've created a new one pager to help students understand the value of Bb Student. This one pager outlines key Bb Student features and how the app can help students simplify their academic lives. Please let us know if...
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  • Terms

    Hi   We have recently introduced Terms to our courses and were wondering if it is possible to set all users' course lists to be grouped by terms?   That is, make all users have their course list set to...
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  • Blackboard Academic Suite™ Database Backup for Windows Operating Systems on SQL Server 2005

      Back up the database using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backup/Restore Utility:   Create a current SQL Server backup of all the Blackboard databases. Those running the Blackboard Content System must backup ad...
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  • Start Building your Hierarchy in Blackboard

    Before built your Hierarchy in blackboard: 1- You have to know there is diffraction between blackboard hierarchy and your organization structure. 2- You have to form your hierarchy basing on the SIS information. 3-...
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  • Learn ListServs Listing

    Below are listservs that deal primarily with Blackboard Learn (including the Blackboard Learning System, Blackboard Community System, Blackboard Content Systems) or integration with LEARN.   Accessibility_AP - ...
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  • You should pay Pharrell Williams for this one.

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