• Javascript Hack for System Admin > Courses Screen

    Good afternoon!   I presented this jsHack in the Learn Office Hours today. It allows an admin to select a list of courses (check the boxes), then open the Enrollments, Grades, Course Files, and/or Course Entry P...
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  • Theme Gallery: University of Southampton theme

    Main thread: Learn 2016 Theme - CSS gallery  Here is the current version of our theme, put together by myself and Sam Cole with help from the Blackboard community.  We put this together over two m...
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  • JSHack: Add Accessibility Toolbar (ATbar) to Blackboard

    The Accessibility Toolbar (ATbar) is a browser based toolbar to aid accessibility of websites with the option to change the look and feel of webpages through text only enlargement, font style and colour chan...
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  • Learn 2016 Theme - CSS gallery

    Recently we received a great contribution to the process of 2016 Theme adoption.  Wade Weichel posted a tutorial, and associated files: Tutorial: Simple customization of the Learn 2016 Theme using Syntactically ...
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  • Building blocks in SaaS

    UPDATE : the new information gathering building block for SaaS migration will give you information about compatibility (cf James' comment below). Yay ! ****** As a lot of institutions are transitioning to SaaS, and ...
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  • 2018-09-11-0003.pdf

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  • Recordings & Transcripts: Product Roadmap Webinars (June 2018)

    Stay in the know about what’s new for Blackboard products and get excited about what’s coming soon. Hear our product management leaders provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn and ...
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  • uvaNavExpand.zip

    Small, simple JSHack to auto-expand the course navigation menu once a user's screen/browser window exceeds the configurable lower threshold (default 1024px). This is in response to this request.   Minimally test...
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  • Recordings & Transcripts: Product Roadmap Webinars (March 2018)

    Stay in the know about what’s new for Blackboard products and get excited about what’s coming soon. Hear our product management leaders provide an update on the vision and roadmap for Blackboard Learn, Bla...
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  • Get Your SaaS in Gear: 4-part SaaS Webinar Series

    We're hosting a SaaS Webinar Series Wednesdays this Fall starting October 11 at 4pm EST.   These webinars will be beneficial if you're thinking about a move to SaaS deployment, just moved to SaaS or maybe you've ...
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  • UC San Diego Theme

    Current theme in use at UC San Diego Based on Learn 2016 theme Version 1 Screenshots and Version 2 wish list here: https://community.blackboard.com/message/16958-re-show-us-your-blackboard#comment-16958
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  • Blackboard's Monthly Teaching & Learning Product Update Newsletter

    Hi All - In case you missed the August edition of our Teaching & Learning Product Update Newsletter, you can check it out below. And if you would like to receive these newsletters monthly via email, you can sign u...
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  • GVSU Learn 2016 Theme

    This is the theme that GVSU is currently using - we’re on 2016Q4CU3, so it hasn’t been tested in other versions. All our customizations are in gvsu_customizations.css (or comments reference edits made in o...
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the System Administrator Forum!Get hands on help on making the most with your experience and connect with a global community of Blackboard users like you. To get started: Go ahead and introduce yourself in...
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  • UIC Learn 2016 Theme

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  • Community T-Shirt Design Contest

        If you have any questions, please either email community@blackboard.com or message me directly on the Community Site (Marissa Dimino). I look forward to seeing the creativity our Community has to share! ...
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  • Bb Student One Pager

    We've created a new one pager to help students understand the value of Bb Student. This one pager outlines key Bb Student features and how the app can help students simplify their academic lives. Please let us know if...
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  • Terms

    Hi   We have recently introduced Terms to our courses and were wondering if it is possible to set all users' course lists to be grouped by terms?   That is, make all users have their course list set to...
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  • Blackboard Academic Suite™ Database Backup for Windows Operating Systems on SQL Server 2005

      Back up the database using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backup/Restore Utility:   Create a current SQL Server backup of all the Blackboard databases. Those running the Blackboard Content System must backup ad...
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  • Start Building your Hierarchy in Blackboard

    Before built your Hierarchy in blackboard: 1- You have to know there is diffraction between blackboard hierarchy and your organization structure. 2- You have to form your hierarchy basing on the SIS information. 3-...
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