• LTI Naming conventions

    Hello    Some of you may use LTI's in BB for the likes of Ally and qwickly, however does anyone have a way of identifying which link goes to were? In our SQL data base connection, we can only see  this...
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  • Updated: Changes to Java JDK and impact to Building Blocks in Learn SaaS

    Updated 15 October 2019   To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 JDK. Our new target for adopting J...
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  • *** Upgrade Club 2019 ***

    The first rule of upgrade club is that everyone talks about upgrade club.   The purpose of this thread is for anyone doing an upgrade this year to check in, state what version/platform they are on now, and to wha...
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  • Learn 3rd Party Building Blocks & Java 11 Readiness

    To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK.  To find details regarding the targeted versions and...
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  • Open JDK

    So is everyone ready for the move to 3800? Just been looking at the list and there are a few for us that stand out, Panopto, Turnitin and Reading lists. The first two I an waiting on the vendor themselves for that up...
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  • JS hacks

    So there is a bit of movement in our IT dept, the person who normally managed JS hacks is moving to another role and I have a feeling he will be too busy in his new role. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a guide t...
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  • My Grades

    Hello there   Has anyone noticed the My Grades has changed to My Marks at all? There isn't a fix as such but there is a work around which basically involves tweaking a language pack then uploading this as a cust...
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  • Hierarchies

    Has anyone had much luck in adding a module to a node within Hierarchies?   In one scenario, I have managed to set up a node where only 4 courses get access to a certain tool, it took a bit of digging and testin...
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  • Automation

    So we get a fair few updates from Blackboard with some things that are good to know and some things that don't really affect us. We have devised a new way to manage the updates where we basically have an excel sheet i...
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  • Custom Language packs

    Hello all   Has anyone gone through the arduous task of changing the wording from My Marks to My Grades at all?  This was an update pushed out by BB to facilitate users who preferred the term My Marks and t...
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  • Organisations

    Hello there   Does anyone use the Qwickly attendance LTI for organisations? We currently have it set up for courses but when we try and create a new link in an organisation, we get the tool has been disabled by ...
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  • Loginas alternatives

    Hello there   Does anyone use an alternative to login as that is an LTI at all? At some point we could move to Ultra, so we would like to be prepared for that in case the creator of login as doesn't create an up...
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  • Custom language packs

    Hello   Has anyone uploaded a custom language pack only to find that they are causing you issues? I have been tweaking one which was a very arduous task, however I am happy with what I have created and its going...
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  • Seneca Who's Online anyone?

    Hi all. We have the building block "Seneca Who's online" currently installed in our production environment, soon to be deprecated. As we move everything to the new servers, I tried finding the building block for downl...
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  • Where is my Client ID?

    Where do I find my Client ID?  I am filling out the worksheet for the Information Gathering for Migration form.
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  • AutoSignOn B2 and Java JDK

    The recent update on Java 11 adoption has me wondering about the compatibility of the AutoSignOn B2 once Java 11 goes live.  As per the Oscelot Page, this B2 was last updated in 2016, specifically for Java 8....
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  • Institutional Hierarchies

    Hello there   Just wondered if people use hierarchies to good effect and how they go about it? We have been toying with them but I am not sure they are 100% effective, the documentation on Blackboard seems a bit...
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  • Administering the Institutional Hierarchy in Ultra

    Would it be possible to ask those using Blackboard Ultra, has there been any improve to the interface for Administering Institutional Hierarchy or is it as inspiring as it is in Original?     ...
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  • Qwickly LTI Link Mobile

    So has any one tried this yet?   I can confirm that the link is now working and not grayed out. We are still getting an error 500, which I have put a ticket into Qwickly, but this is promising stuff for us and I...
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  • Content issues when Course Menu Editing is Removed

    We are MH and we just upgraded to Q2 2018 CU4 on our Production environment.  We have Q2 2018 CU6 on the Test environment.  We had the editing capabilities (privilege) of the Course menu turned off for Instr...
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