• Turnitin LTI 1.3 & Advantage Integration GA

    Hey Everyone!   On behalf of Turnitin I'm pleased to announce that Blackboard LTI customers who are using Blackboard version 3700.9.0 and above are now able to use LTI 1.3 for Turnitin integrations. This ve...
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  • Open JDK

    So is everyone ready for the move to 3800? Just been looking at the list and there are a few for us that stand out, Panopto, Turnitin and Reading lists. The first two I an waiting on the vendor themselves for that up...
    created by eb0071065
  • JS hacks

    So there is a bit of movement in our IT dept, the person who normally managed JS hacks is moving to another role and I have a feeling he will be too busy in his new role. So I was wondering if anyone knew of a guide t...
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  • Syntax Highlighter functionality

    Hi, Does anyone know of a third party tool that provides Syntax highlighter functionality in Learn? An instructor who has been a Canvas user has asked me this question. I would appreciate any information. Here is wha...
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  • LTI Tool Generation for Ultra Navigation

    Ultra Navigation is a wonderful feature, which is a modern gateway to online learning with Blackboard.  Would you like to add more resources in the Tools area or grant to those resources access to students or fac...
    created by smachaje
  • Evaluate adoption of your LMS with course design groups

    We're happy to announce a new feature in BbStats: Latent Class Analysis with Annual adoption report. Some time ago we reported about a new study at the University of Illinois at Chicago about Patterns in Faculty Lear...
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  • Guest Access - link generation tool for Ultra Navigation

    How important is guest access to your school?   After our Saas migration a strange thing has appeared.  Our system no longer allows guest access.  It appears, with Ultra navigation, this is by design t...
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  • Blackboard App and Turnitin Update: Displaying Tii Due Dates

    Note: this post only applies to institutions using Turnitin.   I wanted to provide the community with an update around displaying Turnitin due dates in the Blackboard app. We really appreciate all the feedback ...
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  • Is anyone experiencing issue with the My Grade in Blackboard

    I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing an issue with the My Grade in Blackboard?   I just received a call from one student about one course where she cannot access the My grade for the class her other...
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  • Transitioning from Mobile Learn to Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Apps

    The following message was posted today on Behind the Blackboard. Please feel free to add any comments or questions here. Transitioning from Mobile Learn to the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor appsEffective today...
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  • Qwickly LTI

    Hello Has anyone come across issues when deleting placements within the Qwickly LTI. Apparently this is a known issue with blackboard https://blackboard.secure.force.com/btbb_articleView?id=kA370000000H1emCAC and t...
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  • Community Tabs & Modules - Institution Page in Ultra

    As I continue to evaluate Ultra and Base Navigation, I see that the Ultra Institution Page is evolving with modules and links. I don't know if the intent is to bring these features up to the current customization leve...
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  • custom login page

    We recently upgraded our Test environment to Q4 2018 CU3.  One of the side effects of doing this is that our custom login page no longer works.  Looks the same as it did, but when you put in the username and...
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  • Building block to LTI

    Hello there   Has anyone moved from the qwickly building block to the LTI and if so have you had any issues with data going missing, problems migrating or any problems in general, or was the whole process seamle...
    created by eb0071065
  • How do you record your jobs

    We are looking at the way we record our jobs and the discussion has come about where we want to make a change to how staff request support for issues. Currently its not immediately obvious unless you have been at the ...
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  • Yearly enrolments

    Hello Everyone Are we all settled into the new term?   I have a query in regards to enrollments and wondered how other people do this. For us it is done yearly from August to August etc, however I think at some...
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  • Behind Blackboard layout.

    Behind Blackboard layout.   The layout in the right margin makes me confused. The View All link is inconsistent, the lines and the links are confusing. See picture!
    created by christer.lassman
  • Collaborate Session Timer is Now Available!

    We are excited to announce that the Collaborate Session Timer is now available! This highly requested feature reinforces our commitment to delivering the teaching and learning workflows that ultimately contribute to s...
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  • Learn Roadmap Webinar (December 2017)

    Open video

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  • Apply a public wildcard certificate on 3300.11.0 REST/LTI Developer AMI?

    i am having a problem apply a public domain certificate to the AMI development template VM. I have followed these two links below and have no luck. The site always uses Amazon SSL certificate from the template.  ...