• Slack Discussions in Blackboard Learn

    Digital communication in a course, and in a professional team, can be tricky. Email can quickly overwhelm a group with repeated message, irrelevant reply-all, and a significant overhead in busy-work. Native Blackboard...
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  • custom login page

    We recently upgraded our Test environment to Q4 2018 CU3.  One of the side effects of doing this is that our custom login page no longer works.  Looks the same as it did, but when you put in the username and...
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  • blackboard auth with Radius

    Hello, this is my first question here, does anyone have a solution for the blackboard authentication with radius? Our institution tries to unify all the services with an identity manager, and the protocol chosen is ra...
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  • Class Groups B2 and Menu B2 available on GitHub

    Hi folks,   We've just made two B2s available on gitHub. Bond University · GitHub Bond Class Groups - Creates Blackboard Learn groups based on a feed from an external system (eg. timetabling or scheduling...
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  • Learning Pathways tool..is it down for you too?

    This afternoon the Learning Pathways tool has broken sitewide for our SaaS installation of Blackboard Learn 9.1 (Firefox, Chrome and Edge multiple sites confirmed). The folder where the pathways script runs is locked ...
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  • New JSHack Type - Institutional Node

    Hi All,   Recently we had a new requirement to restrict some functionality in Blackboard by institutional node. Version 1 of JSHack didn't support this so we submitted a pull request to JSHack to add in a simple...
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  • list of courses, students, instructors for course category

    Hi, we are interested in knowing how much courses are associated to a category. Also we want to know how many students and instructors are enrolled in those courses (thus obtaining a "total" user number for each cate...
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  • Pebble Pad

    Hello there   We are looking into using an app called pebble pad. In the first instance we would only want a small amount of users to see this, we would only want 75 users and no one else. For the people who hav...
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  • TLS deprecation and SIS Framework

    I didn't see if anyone else might have already mentioned this, but Bb is deprecating older versions of the TLS protocol in their SaaS environments. This may be impactful to any REST integrations that institutions may ...
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  • Beta testers for a Photo Roster building block?

    Who would be willing to do a beta test of a new open source Photo Roster building block?  I'm planning on releasing one. The advantage of this one over the existing OSCELOT would be integration with campus ID ca...
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  • Top 7 findings in the new study on Blackboard usage

    The top findings from the Patterns in Faculty Learning Management System Use | SpringerLink research study at University of Illinois at Chicago.   1. On-line courses at UIC focus on holistic use of LMS tools....
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  • Deleting data from the Learn content area

    Hi, can you tell me about your governance policy/data management plan for Learn? How do you handle deleting data from your shared content area? How do/did you decide what to delete first? What policies do you use to c...
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  • blackboard moodle course converter

    Dear All, hope you all doing well,   i am trying to export our blackboard 2017Q2 course content into moodle 3.2 there is any blackboard tool could help me get the exported course compatible with moodle. or ...
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  • Enhancement: SNAP Theme "Messages" on "My Courses"

    Current condition (as described by Bb Open LMS support): "Snap personal dashboard display users recent messages from last 12 weeks. If messages have not been read users will see unread notification. They are not remov...
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  • What's new in the Open Photo Roster?

    All right, so you implemented the Open Photo Roster to show campus photo ids to instructors.  This helps with learning student names, managing new faculty anxiety about teaching, and allows proctors validate iden...
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  • Login page - Auto SSO

    Hello,   I've come into consideration to redo login page. Instead of using third-party login, I want to create a login page that automatically signs in through SSO. Since blackboard can only use 1 login.jsp, is ...
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  • Has anyone found a 3rd party tool that will allow instructors to manually merge courses.

    We are needing Need to find a 3rd party tool that will allow instructors to manually merge courses. We have successfully merged courses using the SIS but are looking for an alternative to allow Instructors to use a to...
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  • uvaNavExpand.zip

    Small, simple JSHack to auto-expand the course navigation menu once a user's screen/browser window exceeds the configurable lower threshold (default 1024px). This is in response to this request.   Minimally test...
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  • Apply a public wildcard certificate on 3300.11.0 REST/LTI Developer AMI?

    i am having a problem apply a public domain certificate to the AMI development template VM. I have followed these two links below and have no luck. The site always uses Amazon SSL certificate from the template.  ...
  • Does anyone has experience with Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)?

    If so, could you share your experience especially as it relates to performance? Our database is Oracle
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