• ILP Integration

    We are in the process of integrating Blackboard with Banner so grades can be pushed at the end of the term.  We are also hoping to have enrollments automated between the two.  One concern we have is, making ...
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  • Apply a public wildcard certificate on 3300.11.0 REST/LTI Developer AMI?

    i am having a problem apply a public domain certificate to the AMI development template VM. I have followed these two links below and have no luck. The site always uses Amazon SSL certificate from the template.  ...
  • Custom Course Icons

    Hi all   I was wondering if anyone has changed the custom course icons (for items, folders etc)? If so, could you tell us a little bit about your experience with this - was the process of changing them straightf...
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  • Login.jsp isn't updating

    Hello,   I downloaded login.jsp and updated with new code. However, the login page isn't showing the same thing as the preview. How do I update the login page with the new login.jsp, I've waited two days and cle...
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  • Login.jsp

    Hello,   How do you script JSP to avoid users from using @university.edu email at login page using login.jsp? Only username without email.
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  • Does anybody know how to remove duplicated assignments and tests links in the control panel area?

    I have copied the content of a course into an existing course without any inconvenience. However, now the course in the control panel - full grade center shows the assignments link, and tests link duplicated. So, I wo...
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  • Error: Theme file unzip failed.

    I made a change to our theme.css file to get rid of repeating headers in table columns. I was able to upload that without issue and switch to the "new" theme. Then I was given some additional CSS from support to fix a...
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  • 100% Width and Learn 2016 Theme in Q4 2017

    We've recently upgraded our live system to Q4 2017 in preparation for the Crocodoc to New Box View transition, but have found an issue related to the Learn 2016 theme and 100% width setting which wasn't present in Q2 ...
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  • My work on blackboard is showing in progress after I saved and...

    I need help finding what setting on blackboard isn't allowing my professor to view any of my work I've submitted since class began.  I just found out on Thursday that she wasn't getting any of it.  I already...
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  • Error creating theme - "Can't upload CSS files"

    Hello,   I'm getting an error "Can't upload CSS files" when I'm trying to create a theme.   I've followed these steps. 1) Downloaded the 2016 theme as "as_2015.zip" file 2) Extracted the .zip file, did f...
    created by siddiqui
  • Fatal Error when Playing SCORM content

    We have SCORM modules published from different tools in our system. Since upgrading to Q2 2017 CU5 with also Learn 2016 theme, all users have been experiencing issues playing the modules. Once you click on the modules...
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  • 2016 Mobile View and Tablets

    Hello,   Do we know what exactly triggers the mobile responsive view with 2016 theme? In the browser I know it happens when I resize with to around 1000 pixels. However, I always get mobile view on an iPad even ...
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  • Grade Center look in Theme 2016

    We are a self hosted, Windows environment and are running Q2 2017 CU5. I turned on Theme 2016 back in January.   Since then, I have received mixed reviews...some love it, some hate it...which is not surprising. ...
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  • Grade Center column titles in every cell?

    We recently upgraded to Q4 2017 CU1 this past weekend with Learn 2016 theme. So far the only issue is the Full Grade Center showing the column titles in every cell. I've included a picture. Two admin's went thru the s...
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  • Discussion board reply on mobile browser

    Is anyone else experiencing when a student or faculty select reply on a discussion board post you can no longer read the posting.  Students and faculty are not able to reference the posting while creating the res...
    created by cj30090
  • Issues with changing max width in Learn 2016 Theme

    Hi Everyone, I am looking into adopting the Learn 2016 theme along with the upgrade to Q4 2016. I am also looking into adjusting the max-width value to get rid of the grey side bars, however I have heard of some issu...
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  • Course menu reorder

    We are testing the Learn 2016 theme. Has anyone spotted a floating grey rectangle when reordering items in the course menu? See attached screenshot. If so, did you remove it?   Thanks! kristen
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  • Theme styles available in WYSIWYG

    I've been working on a custom theme for our BB installation and have used the app_nav.css as the location for most of the changes - which works well for display. I have a problem though with the fact that these styl...
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  • Disabling Course themes in Learn 2016 Theme

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had disabled the course themes option for their instructors when they switched to Learn 2016 Theme, as we are finding that some themes, such as the "Nursing" or "Garnet" causes ...
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  • why a horizontal Scroll bar is displayed while choosing arabic in User Login Page?

    I could see a horizontal scroll bar which is able to move left to right while choosing the Arabic language in gateway login page.
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