• Community Tabs & Modules - Institution Page in Ultra

    As I continue to evaluate Ultra and Base Navigation, I see that the Ultra Institution Page is evolving with modules and links. I don't know if the intent is to bring these features up to the current customization leve...
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  • Blackboard app?Qwickly LTI

    Hello there   Has anyone had any issues using the blackboard mobile app and the Qwickly attendance tool? We have found that if we use the B2 with the mobile app, there is no issue, however if we use the LTI then...
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  • Accessing the Grade Center on iPad

    When accessing the Blackboard Grade Center on an iPad, users are unable to scroll horizontally to see additional columns. If the user turns screen reader mode on, users are able to scroll but can only view one row at ...
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  • Customizing Available Course Structures

    I noticed that in the language pack zip file the course structures are present and can be modified. The file structure is almost clear. However I was wondering if some of you tried to customize them.   It would ...
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  • Migrating 2012 Course Menu Colours to 2016 Theme Colours

    I was wondering if people have some advice on the steps involved in migrating course menu colours from the 2012 theme to the 2016 theme. I have a lot of the colours done in the CSS but how they interact with the GUI/c...
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  • Internet Exploder, indeed. (Learn 9.1, SaaS)

    About: Internet Explorer and Blackboard Learn don't play nice together. This article explains how to create a warning that will appear only for users who attempt to log in to your Blackboard environment using Internet...
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  • Questions about making your own 2016 theme

    So as not to fill the brilliant thread Learn 2016 Theme Issues & Fixes Master List with my questions I will post them here.   Having decided that we will have to make a theme rather than just using the GUI b...
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  • custom login page

    We recently upgraded our Test environment to Q4 2018 CU3.  One of the side effects of doing this is that our custom login page no longer works.  Looks the same as it did, but when you put in the username and...
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  • System Admin Certification Resources

    I am looking for Bb system administrative training that lead to certification. Could someone direct me to a link with a location?
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  • Graphical Glitch?

    Has anyone seen a graphical glitch like this before and would be able to offer any suggestions?
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  • Course Menu menu arrow

    Hi,   On some Learn instances, I see course menu items menu button appears for all items, and not just when hovering over the item. Even on our test server where I have default theme, palette, and default langua...
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  • How Does Ally Handle and or Scan Secure PDF Documents?

    I have another pondering question. This just something to think about. I have a another document that is PDF and it needs to be converted to Word to then be converted to Braille. I was not able to follow the "save as"...
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  • Status of 3500.5.0 in SaaS CD

    Good morning!   We are relatively new to SaaS CD.   Per the SaaS Release Schedule for Continuous Delivery (https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Administrator/SaaS/Release_Notes/Learn_SaaS_Release_Schedule#cd...
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  • Login page - Auto SSO

    Hello,   I've come into consideration to redo login page. Instead of using third-party login, I want to create a login page that automatically signs in through SSO. Since blackboard can only use 1 login.jsp, is ...
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  • Is it possible to create a single fixed course menu item?

    Is it possible to create a single fixed course menu item that can not be deleted by Instructors? Such a menu item for "Syllabus"?
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  • Can the default font-family of the content editor be set to something other than Arial?

    At Aarhus University our brand font for content is Georgia and we've set this as the default font in our newly developed mod of the Lean 2016 Theme. So far so good. Content created using the editor now renders in Geor...
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  • Modify Link Colors in Learn 2016 theme

    This might be super simple to do - but I am new to this and would appreciate any pointers. We recently upgraded to the Learn 2016 theme and 2018 Q2 release. This came with some minor glitches - for example, the hov...
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  • How do you manage your Bb CSS? (SASS? less.js? mods.css?) 

    I recently started a new position, and one of my first tasks was to update the existing Blackboard theme from Learn 2012 to Learn 2016.  I evaluated the existing configuration, got a feel for the system, and then...
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  • uvaNavExpand.zip

    Small, simple JSHack to auto-expand the course navigation menu once a user's screen/browser window exceeds the configurable lower threshold (default 1024px). This is in response to this request.   Minimally test...
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  • Change background color course menu area

    I've been trying to find which areas I need to change in the theme_specific.css to change the background color from #333333 to another color.  I've been doing trial and error themes and I was almost successful bu...
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