• Custom Language packs

    Hello all   Has anyone gone through the arduous task of changing the wording from My Marks to My Grades at all?  This was an update pushed out by BB to facilitate users who preferred the term My Marks and t...
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  • Will Collaborate Ultra Create Session have an Automatic Record Option Soon?

    Our institution has scheduled online sessions that require recording.  Information Technology department creates these sessions and needs option to automatic record that is available in Collaborate Original. ...
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  • Organisations

    Hello there   Does anyone use the Qwickly attendance LTI for organisations? We currently have it set up for courses but when we try and create a new link in an organisation, we get the tool has been disabled by ...
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  • LTI Deep Links Help

    Hey everyone, We are getting errors when we try to create Deep Links using the LTI Standard edition. Could someone review this code below and let us know where we are going wrong?   <form id="deeplink" name...
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  • Blackboard and Changes to Oracle Licensing for Java

    This weekend I was prompted to update Java on my laptop. Following the update was an announcement about changes to licensing for Java. Details at Java Future Release Notices   No doubt, Blackboard will obtain a...
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  • Main site page - tabbed content (for apps)

    We are migrating to a new website template and I wanted to add that nifty feature that shows three (or more) tabs of content (apps) such as District News in one, Quick Links in another, etc. How do I do that? I s...
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  • Keeping on top of things

    How does everyone keep on top f the updates that Blackboard push out?   I have mine set up so they are in their own email folder but often I find that its hard to keep up especially when I carry on with my proje...
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  • Groups in Collaborate Ultra

    One of the instructors at our institution wanted me to ask about a feature.  He would like ability to save groups inside of collaborate ultra.  He goes in and out of break out groups throughout his 3 hour le...
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  • Default Landing page for staff and students

    The current setting for Ultra Default Landing page is one choice for everyone. In reality, students would like to have Activity as the default landing, but staff/academics would prefer to have Courses as the default...
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  • Bb Messages vs Email

    We are involved with a discussion on Bb Messages vs. Email, at our institution.  If your institution uses email, why was that chosen?  It would be great if we could continue the conversation with direct emai...
  • Disable Collaborate Ultra Tutorials

    Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the tutorials in Collaborate Ultra when a new user first loads it up?  A majority of our machines on campus are frozen and the tutorial keeps on popping up for season...
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  • Any success using Tobii Eye Gaze with Classic Blackboard and  Collaborate Classic?

    We have a potential need to use a Tobii Eye Gaze for computer interface.  Has anyone successfully implemented a Tobii Eye Gaze computer interface device with both Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate classic? &#...
    created by mt0043246
  • Collaborate - Any Features in Original Not Yet in Ultra?

    HI, all - We have been running Collaborate Ultra and Original simultaniously for a couple years now and while most instructors have moved to Ultra, we still have about 20% that have yet to move. We're looking to make ...
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  • Collaborate Ultra and Recording a YouTube Clip with both Video and Audio

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to record a YouTube clip with audio and video while participating in a collaborate Ultra session?  Will Collaborate Ultra record a YouTube clip during a screenshare with full ...
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  • Blackboard Ultra Session Recordings Disappear

    Hi,   When our students connect to Blackboard Ultra Portal via LTI Integration from Learn, they go to recordings section and unfortunately the recordings section display only the recent recordings. They have to ...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings

    HI:   Has anyone heard of or experienced BCU recordings disappearing? We looked on the recordings page. One of our faculty member cannot locate his old recordings. However, he admits he may have done something w...
    created by michelleae
  • custom login page

    We recently upgraded our Test environment to Q4 2018 CU3.  One of the side effects of doing this is that our custom login page no longer works.  Looks the same as it did, but when you put in the username and...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Join Type

    I have an instructor who is seeing one or two users per Collaborate Ultra session listed as "invitee" when students are accessing through the LTI link to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and the instructor has not given ...
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  • I have a user who recorded a Collaborate Ultra session (1 hr, 11 min). On their recording options menu, the only have "Watch Now" or "Download". The usual choices are missing (Edit name, Delete, Copy link, Add caption source). What is the cause of these m

    Collaborate Ultra Recording Missing "Copy Link"
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  • FYI - Collaborate - Chrome v71 Blocking Adding of "Desktop Sharing" Extension

    Sharing this from a private group. This post was from Amy Eyre just sharing for a larger audience.   Good afternoon all,   A quick heads up: We've spotted today that there's a new issue with Collaborate Ult...
    Terry Patterson
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