• Collaborate Ultra and Recording a YouTube Clip with both Video and Audio

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to record a YouTube clip with audio and video while participating in a collaborate Ultra session?  Will Collaborate Ultra record a YouTube clip during a screenshare with full ...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings

    HI:   Has anyone heard of or experienced BCU recordings disappearing? We looked on the recordings page. One of our faculty member cannot locate his old recordings. However, he admits he may have done something w...
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  • custom login page

    We recently upgraded our Test environment to Q4 2018 CU3.  One of the side effects of doing this is that our custom login page no longer works.  Looks the same as it did, but when you put in the username and...
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  • Blackboard and Changes to Oracle Licensing for Java

    This weekend I was prompted to update Java on my laptop. Following the update was an announcement about changes to licensing for Java. Details at Java Future Release Notices   No doubt, Blackboard will obtain a...
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  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Join Type

    I have an instructor who is seeing one or two users per Collaborate Ultra session listed as "invitee" when students are accessing through the LTI link to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and the instructor has not given ...
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  • Collaborate Desktop Sharing

    This use to be so easy - any suggestions? I’m running into an issue with Collaborate, specifically with the Desktop Sharing extension.  When I go to share my screen for the first time on a machine, a box sh...
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  • I have a user who recorded a Collaborate Ultra session (1 hr, 11 min). On their recording options menu, the only have "Watch Now" or "Download". The usual choices are missing (Edit name, Delete, Copy link, Add caption source). What is the cause of these m

    Collaborate Ultra Recording Missing "Copy Link"
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  • FYI - Collaborate - Chrome v71 Blocking Adding of "Desktop Sharing" Extension

    Sharing this from a private group. This post was from Amy Eyre just sharing for a larger audience.   Good afternoon all,   A quick heads up: We've spotted today that there's a new issue with Collaborate Ult...
    Terry Patterson
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  • System Admin Certification Resources

    I am looking for Bb system administrative training that lead to certification. Could someone direct me to a link with a location?
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  • Admin Centralization Recommendations

    Hello Everyone,   At my company we have over 20 institutions throughout our system. Each institution has 1-2 site admins with the exception of a couple who do not have a site admin. I am the site admin for the C...
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  • Bulk User Transfer/Enroll?

    We are trying to figure out a smooth way to transfer/enroll users into a course/repository after they have completed their course. The idea is to have a community repository for students once they complete the courses...
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  • How long are Collaborate Ultra Recordings available?

    How long are Collaborate Ultra recordings available to users on the system?  It looks as though we only have recordings that are a year old. Is it contingent on the Collaborate Sessions active status or are sessi...
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  • Reports on who is viewing Collaborate Classic session recordings??

    Hi, I have a question from a faculty member using Blackboard Collaborate Classic.  He wants to know if there is a way to get a report of who has watched the recordings for the sessions? I do know we can get repor...
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  • "Uh-oh! It looks like you are having trouble connecting." in Collaborate Ultra

    Hello Bb Community,   My name is Tim Kato and I work at the University of British Columbia's Learning Technology Hub.   We've been working with Support for 6 months to try and resolve consistent connection...
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  • How many users can access a session

    Kindly i have a question,  How many users that can join a session in collaborate original experience or ultra??   Thanks..
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  • LTI Web Link - OAUTH Credentials Lost in Course Copy

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  • Participants who drop out of Collaborate Ultra sessions come back as moderators

    Hi All   Hoping someone can shed some light on this   It doesnt happen all the time and the link they receive is the participant link The moderator/s in the session are unable to move them back to parti...
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  • Is it possible to create a single fixed course menu item?

    Is it possible to create a single fixed course menu item that can not be deleted by Instructors? Such a menu item for "Syllabus"?
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  • Collab Ultra manually creating sessions outside of a course?

    With Collab Legacy we could go and manually create sessions completely outside of a course from the Canadian SAS servers: https://ca-sas.bbcollab.com/site/internal/home Is there a way or does anybody setup independe...
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  • Any way to create a private Ultra room in a Learn course space?

    We have an instructor that would like to host  private Ultra sessions with students via the Learn course space. This would be to allow a private one-on-one without intrusion from other students, outside of the re...
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