• LTI Naming conventions

    Hello    Some of you may use LTI's in BB for the likes of Ally and qwickly, however does anyone have a way of identifying which link goes to were? In our SQL data base connection, we can only see  this...
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  • Test questions and submit button

    Do I have the ability to find out if a student failed to answer multiple choice test questions?  The student claims to have answered them, but the instructor found them not answered.  The student claims that...
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  • Course ID structure for Banner SIS users

    Our SIS is Banner (Ellucian), and our current course ID structure doesn’t include a standardized format for campus, course delivery mode, or information for the type of students in the course (CPD, dual-credit, ...
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  • Goals Performance

    I have manually entered some Goals, and aligned them in a test to individual questions.  I can check the Goal Performance for each individual student, but would like to have data by goal, course, etc.  How d...
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  • Accreditation Goals (Standards) Packages

    We have 4 new Health Sciences departments, and they have at least 9 accrediting bodies between them.  I am looking for Goals packages from each to give directly to BtBb to upload, so that I don't have to man...
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  • Automation

    So we get a fair few updates from Blackboard with some things that are good to know and some things that don't really affect us. We have devised a new way to manage the updates where we basically have an excel sheet i...
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  • Organisations

    Hello there   Does anyone use the Qwickly attendance LTI for organisations? We currently have it set up for courses but when we try and create a new link in an organisation, we get the tool has been disabled by ...
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  • Help! SQL query please

    Hello, I'm in need of assistance. I'm not a SQL guru and have limited knowledge on the subject. But here is my dilemma. Our work flow uses Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP). This pushed the work flow into ...
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  • Analytics and Student Data

    I want to attend a BITS seminar on Analytics and Student Data, but I'm not sure if we have the tools needed.  Are there any add-on tools that we would have to have a license for in order to use these?
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  • Statistics reports - automatic?

    I have been tasked to run the Multi-course User Participation Report daily.  Is there a way to tell Bb to run this every day, without having to remember to go in and manually "run" it?
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  • Institutional Hierarchies

    Hello there   Just wondered if people use hierarchies to good effect and how they go about it? We have been toying with them but I am not sure they are 100% effective, the documentation on Blackboard seems a bit...
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  • Equivalent of Insight Report on SaaS?

    We made the move to SaaS a couple weeks ago, and it just hit me that the Insight Reports we had via BtBb are no longer relevant.  I know we still have some reporting capability via System Reporting, but I'm ...
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  • SQL queries for BTBB

    Hi, we are on MH so we need to build by ourselves the Oracle SQL queries. Do you have some hints for doing this properly? Is the Open DB documentation reliable or not for BTBB support https://help.blackboard.com/Lea...
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  • Evaluate adoption of your LMS with course design groups

    We're happy to announce a new feature in BbStats: Latent Class Analysis with Annual adoption report. Some time ago we reported about a new study at the University of Illinois at Chicago about Patterns in Faculty Lear...
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  • Enterprise Survey Reporting Using OpenDB

    We have been using Enterprise Surveys for end of course evaluations. The default reports are a huge hassle to collect/distribute and cannot show any trending, I'm trying to build a query using OpenDB so we can use cus...
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  • DDA Enrollment Query Displays Child Enrollments in Parent Courses.

    Hi everyone! I have a DDA query (shown below) I’ve been using to capture enrollments and last access data. We’ve found an issue with how this displays enrollments from crosslisted/merged courses. Enrollmen...
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  • Using Blackboard Goals to Monitor Curriculum and for Accreditation

    A feature in Blackboard called Goals allows faculty and departments to collect information for accreditation or other purposes as to how programs and curriculum aligns with course goals.   Faculty can align cour...
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  • Qwickly LTI

    Hello Has anyone come across issues when deleting placements within the Qwickly LTI. Apparently this is a known issue with blackboard https://blackboard.secure.force.com/btbb_articleView?id=kA370000000H1emCAC and t...
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  • SQL Query for Avg Time Spend In Class

    Hello, Looking for some guidance on building a query for determining the average amount of time spent for a particular group of courses (would be determined by cm.COURSE_ID like '2019GSP%'). Similarly, looking for a...
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  • Bb Messages vs Email

    We are involved with a discussion on Bb Messages vs. Email, at our institution.  If your institution uses email, why was that chosen?  It would be great if we could continue the conversation with direct emai...