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My all-time favorite television show is the classic 90s American sitcom “Friends,” which revolves around six friends living in Manhattan supporting each other throughout various stages in their adult journey. The show had its final season over a decade ago, but one can’t forget about the stellar cast, the notable accolades, and of course the bewitching theme song by the band The Rembrandts, “I’ll Be There for You.”




When I set out to write a blog to highlight the many customer programs we have here, that one incessant line that reverberates throughout the theme song, “I’ll be there for you” immediately came to my mind. The solid support system established by the characters on the show parallels the considerable support system (or partnership rather) that we’ve established to support our clients along their path to the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn. Come with me on this journey as I highlight the 3 customer programs we have in place to support our clients. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the ways we are positioned “to be there for you” on your journey to the Ultra experience.


1. Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience Cohorts


We get it. Change is hard and can be downright scary at times. But moving to the Ultra experience doesn’t have to be an isolated journey. We’re here for you! Each quarter, we offer a cohort program that provides you with valuable information and best practices along your path to the Ultra experience to ensure your success. Our cohort consists of 8 weekly, 1-hour, virtual meetings using Blackboard Collaborate (of course!), providing direct access to our product experts, and your peers moving along a similar path.We’ve designed this program to be open and informal to encourage interaction among the group and to ensure participants are leaving each week with the information and answers needed as they consider and/or plan a transition to the new
interface. Interested in joining the next session? Reach out to us by emailing to receive more information.


2. Ultra Partnership Program


A partnership, much like a friendship, thrives when both parties communicate openly, trust and value each other, and are committed to one another’s success. We realize the journey to turning on the Ultra experience is not an overnight process and takes thoughtful planning and consideration from both sides. We launched the Ultra Partnership Program (UPP) that offers select customers the opportunity to partner closely with us as they prepare for the future production of the Ultra experience. The 6-month partnership allows customers to:

  • Communicate directly with a team of Blackboard experts who will support in the successful planning and execution of live
  • Deliver valuable feedback that is front and center in terms of how the Product Management Team builds and prioritizes the Learn Ultra roadmap,
  • And gain hands-on experience using Learn Ultra in production on a larger scale


Our number one goal of this partnership is for participants to confidently walk away with defined next steps in planning for production in the Ultra experience.


3. Learn Ultra User Group


So far, I’ve told you about two programs that are designed to 1.) help deepen your understanding of the Ultra experience and 2.) allow you to gain hands-on experience using Learn Ultra in production on a larger scale. But what if you’ve already turned on the Ultra experience or are in the process of transitioning – now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


I’m excited to announce a new (and free!) Community Program - The Learn Ultra User Group. This program was launched as an added layer of support for our clients who are currently using Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience. We know the questions don’t cease once the Ultra experience has been enabled at your institution, so we’re here to partner, listen, and support you along the way. Members of this user-group will be made aware of impending releases for the Ultra experience, get direct access to our Learn Product Management Team, and have the opportunity to network and learn from peers on the same path. If you’ve turned on the Ultra experience or are in the process of flipping the switch, we invite you to join us!


We’re committed to your success


Regardless of where you are on your path to the Ultra experience, rest assured we have tools, resources, and programs in place to support you. We’re committed to your success and want to be your partner in change. Not quite ready to join a program? We recommend registering for Educator Preview to test drive the latest and greatest within Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience.


Wherever you are on your journey to the Ultra experience remember, if you find yourself “stuck in second gear”– we’re here for you.


For additional information, you can contact us via email at