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Continuous Improvement in SaaS

Posted by dg35344 Oct 23, 2019

With SaaS continuous delivery, Blackboard can quickly respond to specific issues that affect our users. We know problems with new releases could seriously impact teaching and learning, so we push new releases to Test/Staging environments 3 weeks before moving into full Production. This way, working with our clients we can identify any potential problems early and fix them as quickly as possible. 


For evidence of our improved agility, look no further than two recent bug fixes in Assessments and Grading in the Ultra Course View. Our thanks go out to the clients that helped to raise these issues directly and in a timely fashion. Wade Fields


1) Correct and credited answers to matching questions displayed as Incorrect to some students.

       - This high-impact issue was first reported by a client on September 11 with v3700.11.0 in Test/Staging environments. Our development team quickly identified a root cause and a fix. After internal testing and verification, we pushed the fix to Test/Staging environments—crucially, ahead of the scheduled Production release. 


2) When instructors reused a question pool, answers to Multiple Choice questions didn’t randomize correctly.

       - This high-impact issue was client reported on October 7 with v3700.11.0 in Production environments. Our development team quickly identified a root cause and a fix. We’re now completing internal testing and verification, and within the week the fix will be pushed to both current Production instances and v3700.14.0 Test/Staging environments.