Inline Assignment Grading Update: August 2019

Blog Post created by juliahakes on Aug 30, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest so far in next year's Technical Preview.  I've have captured everyone's name who have emailed me directly, through Support or posted a note in the June update.  We'll have an official sign-up sheet as we get closer to the program as well.  


Since we initially shared the news at BbWorld regarding the direction of the replacement for New Box View, all the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive The new Inline Assignment Grading Tool will automatically provide a lot of the functionality we’ve discussed in prior posts and specifically the list that I shared in the June update The new tool will encompass the existing functionality faculty are accustomed to today but will also provide new functionality for marking a submission.  Over the last several weeks, our development team has been hard at work to add new improvements and customizations to the tool.  Today, I will be highlighting several of the new changes you can expect to see when it becomes generally available next year, and I will be back at the Admin Office Hours on September 17th 12 PM EDT to review further and gather feedback. 


Before we jump into several of the new features, I wanted to recap what the UI looked like when we debuted at BbWorld Not only do graders have access to a Sidebar Summary view, there are multiple color selections, shapes and sizing options to choose from when providing feedback.  All annotation can be easily edited, moved and deleted as well.  Also, back by popular request, the print feature.  Users will have access to either download or print with the annotations included.   

 Inline Assignment Grading functionality



Since BbWorld, we've modified icons and dropdown menus to be more in line with the current Ultra theme and have made enhancements to the annotation capabilities.     

  Inline Assignment Grading Icon Update



One area of improvement is how the highlighting features are displayed.  Users can click and drag to highlight as well as use a freehand highlighting tool.  We have opted to rename the freehand highlighting tool to Brush, and the Highlighter has been moved out of the dropdown menu. Users will still be able to access it from the pop-up menu.  


 Inline Assignment Grading Highlighting Changes


In addition to being able to highlight with a comment, graders will also be able to add a note when striking through and underlining (including squiggly underline) text. 


Inline Assignment Grading Note functionality with underline and squiggly underline



One of my other new favorite features is called Duplicate.  This allows you to re-use an existing text box, line, arrow, and any of the geometric shapes.  As we work towards providing graders with a re-usable comment bank, this is an interim step to quickly and easily insert the same comment multiple times.  

  Inline Assignment Grading duplicate functionality



We are continuing to make changes to the tool, and I am excited to continue sharing those with you over the coming months.