Notifications in Base Navigation - Ultra cool

Blog Post created by smachaje on Aug 28, 2019

Welcome to the new Blackboard!

Now that you're here, tell us how you'd like to be notified of events in your courses.


So, you enabled Base Nav in your Learn system and the first thing you get feedback on are notifications.  As in other LMS systems, the approach in Learn is student-centric to over-communicate, notify of everything, engage, until the user chooses to mute communication channels.  This makes sense and my post is not about disputing the approach.

However, the notification settings need to be right there, on the main page, preferably as a to-do list.


One way to improve student and faculty experience with notifications in Learn is to provide a reminder right after the login process.  This can be done in Base Nav by employing a custom LTI tool that points to the notification settings in the user profile.  It looks like this:


lti tool


This tool remains also as a system tool in Tools area in addition to the Custom Content module on the Institutional Page.  Once you click the link it goes to this screen directly:




The user can manipulate any of the three areas of settings: stream, email, or push.


The LTI placement of system type would have this URL (make sure to replace "myschool" and follow the LTI tutorial if this is your first custom tool): 



There is a glitch to the setup, which hopefully we can workout as a community.  Once the settings are saved and the notifications window closes, you cannot re-select stream, email, or push.  This is probably because the URL opens the Base Nav the second time.  However, once you close the second window, everything works as expected.