Institutional Page - Banner Gallery & Specs

Blog Post created by smachaje on Aug 28, 2019

Let's share some banner pictures for the Base Navigation Institutional Pages.  Recently the banner dimensions changed, and there is a trick to having the photo action being in the center axis of the picture.  While Learn does resize and show the full picture on smaller devices, it is elongated on most laptop screens. So, most photos can be turned into the new banner files by cropping the height and bringing key photo features to the horizontal axis.


It is possible that in the future the banner will further change.  We would like to update the banner occasionally, and wonder if as a community we can share banners.  Some banners may be school specific, but many pictures today are in public domain or schools are ok with sharing content.  If you can, upload a zip file with your pictures or individual pictures.


Just FYI, this is what documentation states about banners:… 


the banner image should be at least 2000 pixels wide.  Because screen size width varies on wider screens, the banner image crops the top and bottom of the image as the content area gets wider


I personally think that changing the banner keeps the system fresh, it creates a perception that someone is taking care of it, and that many stories can be told about diversity of the organization.


One system with freely available artwork is 



couple talking


In this photo two changes were made: the bottom was cropped and picture was flipped. Previously there was more content at the bottom of the photo.  Now, the face will show up in the center of the new shorter banner.


As another idea, here is the banner from CourseSites.  Notice the left area that allows org logo and a caption.

coursesites banner


Here is a start for the gallery: