Updated Learn Migration Information Gathering Building Block

Blog Post created by sherynanthes on Aug 5, 2019

We are happy to announce that the Learn Migration Information Gathering Building Block has been updated to provide Ultra Base Navigation and Courses compatibility/equivalency information.  Install the Building Block (v1.4.1 or higher) for a personalized report of compatibility/equivalency based on the Building Blocks in use at your institution.


The Information Gathering Building Block is used when planning for a move to Learn SaaS, but it can now also be used by SaaS customers to help inform a decision to switch Ultra on.


Download the latest files:


You can access the compatibility reports from the Administrator Panel after the building block is installed and enabled. In the Tools menu, select  Learn Migration Information Gathering  to get started. From there, you can view the report within Learn as part of Main Report – view online, or download via the Building Blocks link under Main Report – CSV download. The CSVs can be imported into the Information Gathering workbook.


For more details on preparing for a move to SaaS, please see  Information Gathering for Learn Migration on Blackboard Help, or if you are already using Learn SaaS and are ready to move forward with Ultra, please see Adopting Ultra.  There’s also lots of useful information and resources at


If you have any feedback on the compatibility/equivalency information provided by the Building Block we would love to hear from you!  Please post any comments or questions below.